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SEO for different Languages and Country

International SEO

SEO for different Languages and Country

Do you want to make a massive change in your SEO for different languages and country? If so, you have to do International SEO. Then, what is International SEO? International SEO is optimizing your search presence for international audience in all over the world. They may speak different languages, different time system, and different territories, etc. Hence, international SEO reach your content to your target audience worldwide.

Using Geo-targeting, hreflang, and localization you can target your customer. Google always try to match with the language and location of the searcher. When special signals you add to your website enables Google to identify the location very easily. And find the content similar to the search of a user. There are four important steps to implement international SEO on your website.

Determine your International Content

Website can be optimizing for both language and geo targeting. Some of the website only choose language. But you can select your country along with language. Not in a single country and language but separate for each of them. Then customize your content by country. For this you need separate website for each.

Setup your International SEO friendly URL

Your URL structure help Google to find the country and language. Each page for your country with different URL shows the significance of language and country. This is how become targeting in geotargeting. For language you can also implement hreflang. Sometimes people create an entire new website for different country and language, or they create subdirectory for each country. In either process, choose the one which is easy for you to maintain.

Using a sub-directory is easy to use and maintain. It gets the authority value of the entire website. But the international SEO signal for subdirectory is weaker than a dedicated website.

Hreflang tags for targeting language

Hreflang tags are small snippet of code used inside the website for targeting multiple language. This help search engine to match with the correct language when search comes. Then the French speaking people see French content instead of English. It is useful when you have done the translation of your website content.

Give support to your International SEO with more signals

Localize your content to boost the international SEO. It is beyond anything you do technically. This brings you traffic than you imagine from the various part of the world.

Not only consider language and country but also considers the search engine preference. Not every country uses Google only, but 65% of the searches coming through some other search engine. You should optimize by considering the search engine preference of people in different countries.


Is digital marketing being crucial for start-ups to success?

When an entrepreneur starts or launch a new service or brand, they have a large list of things to do. The list deals about many things such as money, brand, marketing, business, customers, employees, etc. No matter is it is a product, service, brand, or an idea, the market is just flexible to accept anything. New brands are launching every day, they all face stiff and strong competition too. So, digital marketing being crucial for start-ups.

Importance of Digital marketing for start-ups.

Digital marketing helps new brands to gain customer attraction and find their diverse audience form the crowd. Digital marketing is a method of inexpensive customer research, increase your visibility, track your ROI, establish your brand and increase your revenue.

It allows you to get a better understanding of your customers. Marketing digitally using a website or social media is highly effective. The various tools you used, make you aware about the nature of your audience. Not only nature but the time of your user on your website, their interest, their price range, location of your customer, everything will be known for you. That’s why saying that, digital marketing is an inexpensive way of customer research. This graphics will help you to formulate your marketing strategies. So that digital marketing being crucial for start-ups.

Increase your brand awareness through Digital Marketing

Today, marketing is not just an advertisement of product or service, but selling of a brand, life style, etc. And it is something that drive people to come back again. This makes your brand aware among people. As because people are so much online today, it quite easy to establish your brand. All you need is to just frame your marketing strategies. The strategies for social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. The strategy foundation is unavoidable for your website too.

Track your Metrics and ROI

The tools and metrics used to target and analyse your audience is also helpful for you to track your ROI. This enables you to increase your revenue. ROI is an important metric to analyse the business on your website or brand. Whatever it is, in the current situation, a digital marketing tactics can bring you to the front of the market. This is mainly because, everybody is run behind digital and online. Both the consumer and producer.


How Analytics becomes the Cornerstone of your Marketing Strategy.

How Analytics becomes the Cornerstone of your Marketing Strategy.

Do you ever think of your marketing strategies and its analytics part? Analytics has a great role in your Marketing Strategy. Every marketer knows that analytics tracking is very important. But the majority of them lack a real talent in tracking the analytics at the right time. According to a search conducted, it is realized that most of the topmost companies are weak to track their analytics. A marketer who finds the analytics properly can contribute a lot to the company. For example, the ranking of a social media post is not that much important, but the average rate of traffic coming into the website through social media is very important. Through analyzing the entire system, from point to point, then you can make analytics as to the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

There are some metrics that you must need to track the analytics, they are;

  • Web analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media performance
  • Content analysis

Web Analytics in Marketing

Web analytics track the information like the number of visitors into the website, how many times a page is viewed, from what domain does the visit comes, how often visitors bounce, what they look for, etc. These kinds of information are a fraction of analytics algorithm can show us. Some of them can show the real-time data, such that the events happened currently on the website, etc. So, markets are always able to determine a line between different websites, real-world activities and purchasing trend.


Search Engine Optimization

The search engine uses dynamic algorithms to help the searchers to provide the most relevant answers they looking for. If, so why SEO data matter to marketers. Because, if rank higher in search engine result pages, then greater the traffic it has. Since it affects your daily traffic, your SEO data must be reviewed along with the web traffic. For example, if a page does not get enough traffic then check the keywords of the pages and confirm, which are the most relevant keywords.


Social media performance

Social media campaigns also improve customer interaction and grow the audience, finally drive traffic to the website. As like SEO, social media content and data also analyzed with web data and the number of traffic. Growing your reach on social media means the boosting of your website traffic. And because search engine takes social media for sharing, social media also boost your website on relevant keywords.

Content Analysis

Content analysis touches all the above. It included in SEO, social media, web analytics, etc. Content that well in social media must perform well in search results. Another metric related to content is the click-through rate. This indicates the rate of impressions converted to clicks. Testing can improve this click-through rate. For example, compare the performance of the link given in the first and last of an article.


How to Optimize your Website for Voice Search?

voice search optimization

voice search optimization

When Google launched the voice Search App during 2008 for the iPhone, it is long away from perfection. But the current situation is entirely different. Now the researchers conducted on AI and Machine learning improve the efficiency and accuracy of the Voice search. Five people out of 20 are now opting for voice search. Because now it is much more accurately behaves like a human. The efficiency is improved due to the accuracy of understanding the English language is better than before. And it is now more location-oriented.

People want an instant solution and replay for what they search for And this is the reason behind gaining more popularity for voice search. It is much easier to search by talking than typing a query in a search bar. Thus, people expect that much speed in getting the result back. A person can write about 40 words in a minute and can speak about 150 words. this implies the difference in search speed.

How voice search influences your business?

voice search influence

If you have a business-oriented website and you are already doing SEO. Then it is time to think about voice search results. And this is how voice search optimization influences your business. About 50% of people in different age categories use voice search. This will be changed in the future and become more established. So, do your website want to be visible in voice search results?

This is possible by optimizing your website for Voice Search. So, let us talk more about the Optimization of your website for voice search.

Optimize your website

Usually, when you try to search for something on Google, always tends to reduce the length of the searching keyphrase. But for voice search technology, the matter lies in long-tail keywords. This is exactly like what you are asking one of your friends. So, give focus on framing long-tail keywords for your website. So, arrange contents and evenly distribute the content.

When talking to a device we take a conversational format. As a part of voice search optimization, you should do the following things.

Optimize your Listings

Clearly define your business listings and Name, Address, and phone number accurately and update them. The majority of the business losses are online due to wrong information. So, make sure that you are giving accurate business information to your users.

Improve your Website speed

This is important because most of the people opting for voice search is to get instant result. So, they prefer speed. Thus, your website surely speeds up to load. Otherwise, people tend to leave your website. And you know one thing that the search result listing for voice search is comparatively low when compared to the hundreds of keyboard search results.

Content formation

Focus on your content. Framing content in the form of question answers will enhance your website’s performance for voice search. The users interact with voice search-activated machine-like humans. Hence, they always engage with it like a human. So, the content must include the local and general keywords they use. Plan some keywords locally by monitoring the nature of your users.

Snippet management

Manage your snippet in a way that attracts the user and includes the local language they used to search. And always update your content in the snippet. The questions should be given with <H2> markup.

Conduct Testing

After implementing these all, conduct a test by yourself. Since it is a new feature for you, should test to know whether it is working properly or not. The testing should be conducted for each device and provider like Google’s Google assistant, iPhone Siri, and Amazon Alexa. 


The Relationship Between Website Structure and SEO

Website Structure and SEO

SEO and web structure

what is the relation between SEO and website structure. Search Engine Optimization SEO is important for any website that earn through online. Most digital marketers and business peoples do not realize the impact of Website Structure in the long run. When some businesses trying to build a website, its main focus is on the designs and colorful portion on the website. And ignoring other important SEO factors. So, we can consider SEO as a criterion while designing a website. But in reality,

Website Structure

Let us get down to explore the details about website structure and SEO. It is important to know about website structure. It is about how to set up website and its internal pages are linked together. Instead of focusing on physical appearance, focus on how the pages are linking together. The pages of your website are linking together in a way that super easy for users and search engines to navigate.

User-Friendly Experience

If the users land on a website that is not user-friendly, then they are eagerly trying to get out from there as soon as possible. Visitors are tending less to move forward on pages that are clueless to continue. This is how a bad user experience kills your SEO. Search engines monitor the users’ navigation in your page. And seems that visitors suddenly quite your website. So, the search engine assumes that the page is not so relevant for this particular query.

Website Crawlability

Site crawl ability and indexability are the two terms related to search engines access and index your website on Google. If the website has zero crawl errors, then google bolts can easily crawl your website by navigating through the links on your site. Broken links may cause crawlable issues and the content of your site are not accessible for search engines.

Crawlability issue is a crucial factor of your website structure. The links from one page to another in your site must be proper and clear. Then only the pages of your site able to take the user from one page to another.

Duplicate Content

The content that appears on the internet in more than one location is considered as duplicate. This will create a bad experience for your website. It will affect your search engine ranking and website traffic. Unique and relevant content in your website decides the structure and credibility of your website in front of Google bolts. Google’s search console can help you to find and eliminate the duplicate content.

Internal Links

Internal Links

It not so difficult to move your users from one page to another. But it’s challenging to organize many pages and make them accessible in small number of clicks. It should not take not more than two clicks to land on the given page.

The use of keywords to locate the intended pages will be very useful to reach the pages through highlighted anchor text. Sometimes the URL structure can also affect your SEO. Avoid complex characters and unwanted words from the URL and give focus to include the keyword alone. Also, we can do SEO in Multiple Domains.


How To Do SEO For Multiple Domain

multiple domain seo

Why SEO for Multiple Domain?

How can you improve your website even after you are doing everything? You are driving significant traffic to your website. But you have to generate traffic to your website for some keywords. Unfortunately, there is no space to click on your web page furthermore. Then how can you bring traffic to your website for those relevant keywords?

It is possible to create more search engine presence through something called Multiple Domain SEO Strategy. It is a service provided by most SEO frims. Let us discuss what is Multiple Domain SEO strategies and when it is used.

SEO For Multiple Domain

It is not a well-known SEO technique that is popular now. But this is how a well-known big business website brings its websites in Search Engine result pages. This can be powerful if you use it in the right way. This can be a very long-time procedure. So, do not expect a sudden change in your results. All methods have some pros and cons. And this strategy does too. And always remember that for every business, multi-domain strategy is not needed. Also, not all business suit this.

This strategy involves creating multiple domains for your website. This is also called as microsites. This may be quite a different website than your original website. In results, more website gives more ranking opportunity in different keywords. As I said earlier, SEO for multiple domains is useful for big legends to bring their marketing and business to the next level. So, you won’t get the result as quickly as you think.

It needs a lot of time to plan and execute the process successfully. Create multiple domain or microsites of your own, which is more content specific than your original website. This increases the chance of clicking on a page that directs to your original website. Most site owners are focusing to rank on multiple pages. This new way is a little bit difficult to digest. But if you want to rank your brand higher then try this method.

How to do SEO for Multiple Domain

It is not a simple SEO technique like keyword optimization. But if you do this for the right business at the right time, it will create a huge impact. So let’s see how it is done.

Brand your Niche site

A niche site is a small part of your website that handles a specific interest in your service. Branding your niche site has as much as the importance of branding your Original Website. This will help your users to familiar with your brand. And always try to create a site similar in style to your original one. Then users can easily connect with you.

Create a new domain

Find a domain from the providers and select the perfect one for your brand that nobody used earlier. And start optimizing for it.

Create content

Fundamentally your microsite is the same as your original one. So, fill it with unique content that perfectly matches your brand and attract your user. Without the right content, your microsite has nothing to do for ranking your website.

Mention about your Microsite in the original website

Add a link to your microsite somewhere in the header or footer of your originals site. Then only, the new site gets a reference from all the pages of your website.

Create social media profiles for the new niche site

Making an online presence for your new website is very important as your original website. But make sure that you are not confusing the users. So, make sure that you do not forget to link your microsites profile with the original site and vice versa.

Optimize microsite

Optimize the microsite for the new keyword as you did for your original website.

As I said earlier this is a time-consuming process. And will earn good results if you spend your time right. There are some drawbacks for this strategy. Before getting into it study in detail about the cons. And be sure that your website doesn’t get affected by it. If you get it all right, definitely your brand will rank higher than you imagine.


Content Management System: How it affect SEO


Content Management System

The content management system is a software application that enables users to create, edit, publish, store digital content. CMS typically used for the enterprise content management and web content management companies. In simple language we can said that a CMS is a tool, that will helps you to build a website without needing to write all the code from the scratch. CMS will rule the website in future.

All Content management systems requires best in one or other function because Opting them is based on the purpose of your business and the requirement of your website helps Each CMS has its own masterpiece features. It will really helpful for those developers and website management teams to optimize the website in a better way. Many CMS are going to available now, regarding website management and some of the popular CMS that helps both developers and SEO mentioned below:


word press requires free and open source management system written in PHP and paired in my SQL database. WP is a free open source publishing software that can be installed locally on a web server and viewed on a proprietary web site, that is, it can hosted in the cloud and viewed on the word press website. There are lot advantages while the word press for creating websites.


Magento an open source e commerce platform written in PHP, uses multiple other PHP frameworks such as laminas. The source code is distributed under open software licences, also delivers to feature build and grow a unique identity to our business.


Drupal one of the free and open source web content management system written in PHP and it is distributed under the general public licence also provides an open source back end framework for lot of websites in world wide ranging from personal blog to corporates, political and the government sites.


Joomla always the choice for small businesses websites. It could be as small as one or 50 employees. The CMS websites’s additional extensions and plug-ins that could be utilized as per the business requirements. The customization of these type of website is easy and that makes it unique.

How CMS affect SEO favourably

A CMS made up of two parts: a content management application and content delivery application combined, these application essentially handle all the code, database queries, and infrastructure in the back end so you can focus on the front end of your site.

Managing and soring content for products will improve articles and more impacts for future performance. In addition to conversation and accessibility. For this reason, business will assess their needs and perhaps consider an option other than a traditional content management system. It is essential to serve up the right content and touch points at the right time. So, its no surprise that most global sites use content management system in some form.


Does your Digital Marketing Strategy need Instagram?

Instagram audience

Do you use Instagram for your business? I know the answer definitely is yes. But I am sure you are not really aware of the real factors relating to Instagram marketing. Do you think your Digital Marketing strategy needs Instagram? OK, Let us discuss the scope of Instagram in your business marketing and how it is beneficial for you.

Instagram as a Digital Marketing strategy

When trying to promote your product or service your intention is to get maximum visibility and reach from the users. But this will work out only when the web marketing plans are perfect. If your target on users diverts in the wrong direction, the results will be negative. It’s not just negative but it takes too much time to recover from this. So, ensure that you are targeting the right customers.

How to place direct access to the target audience

Instagram audience

Just imagine how many people log in to their Instagram account right now at the moment including you? Yes, the results will be a higher number of data. In this number, I am sure a small percentage of people are your target people. So, it’s easy now, find that minority among your connections and surroundings and definitely your product gets enough reach. Including Instagram Marketing in your digital marketing strategy will help you to reach your target audience.

Instagram as a digital marketing strategy does not need any training

Like any other social media promotion apps, Instagram does not need any training. It’s so convenient to use. You can easily manage the post, story and the content, etc. But definitely try to create content with sense. A good content and presentation of the same can impress the audience so, try to focus on your niche. It does not need attending any training programme. You just have to apply your digital marketing techniques as your own way.

Instagram is absolutely a free tool for your Digital Marketing

It is the only online application that gives you complete access in free of cost. It is not just like any other plugins to boost your business but an absolute open software that stands with you. Millions of people using Instagram so, don’t waste your chance of getting your audience through this free platform.

Manage very easily in Smartphone

Instagram in smartphone

Instagram is simply a mobile friendly application so,you can manage your Instagram business through your smartphone. This is one of the most convenient factors of Instagram. This enables you to manage Instagram in no time. You can design your own post and story and post it from anywhere. Instagram is like a marketing pill that you kept in your pocket.

Automation for publishing post

Instagram automation digital marketing

The latest upgrades of Instagram include automation to schedule the post whenever you want to publish. This makes the job easy for you. You can schedule your post for the entire week in minutes and go for other risky business without any hectic of the daily post in your brain.

Digital Marketing will help you to improve your business. Designing some social media strategy that entirely unique for your business establishes your brand. So, always be focused on the unique delivery of service and product from you. Go ahead with a fruitful business motive. Don’t lose your simple strategic conditions. But surely search for better ways.