SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process activity in which a website is made qualitatively capable to list in search engine results. SEO process includes some collective activities like on page changes and off page works.

SEO training can enable you to optimize a website to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

By changing certain identity factors connected with website pages, improving its reputation factors and modifying it to enable more search engine visits from potential customers who searches in Google.

SEO Video Training Watch this video and listen few seo tips shared by Matt Cutts, Google’s SEO and web spam team head. He describes SEO tips in a question and answer mode. Answering SEO questions and doubts asked by SEO professionals and learners. Matt Cutts disclose the truth that grammar and spelling mistakes in web pages contents will be evaluated in SEO. Video published in Gooogle Webmaster help forum.

DEMOZ and Role in SEO Watch this video in which Google’s SEO Matt Cutts says about the importance of DEMOZ directory in search engine optimization.

Google Page Rank Drop Watch this video about cause of Google page rank drop. Matt Cutts explains the cause of drop in Google page rank in websites.


Bookmarking Links Matt Cutts explains about the importance of back links from social media websites.

SEO zooms provides Free SEO Training to candidates interested in learning SEO optimization practices. We provide special strategic SEO training with effective sessions including latest SEO changes impacts of various sort of optimization tactics. We have included basic level of optimization classes to high end e-commerce optimization activities and specialized sessions for business website SEO practices in our SEO training syllabus.

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