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Are you looking to buy seo services in India. If you are buying the service from seo link builders who are always punished by Google for unnatural link building tactics, you are going to a false step. There was time like old school SEO where websites quickly listed in Google prior positions using spam link building. Google changed their policies and algorithms which gave more preferences to ordinary backlinks. That time the companies were highly benefited by achieving some backlinks by directory submissions and paid link link building. Now the entire mechanism has changed, and there is no doubt that Google calculates the backlinks as contributing factor for its search engine listing. Yes Google calculates the backlink power by considering the links which has good quality, authority and trust.

Buy Ethical SEO service

Seo Zooms can provide seo services which is based on content marketing ways. Buy seo services in India from SEOzooms. We follow Google webmaster guidelines strictly and optimize your website using white hat SEO practices.

We cannot assure you in getting your website at first position in SERP. What we can offer is more organic visits, business deals, more visibility, more popularity, reputation management etc. We can offer more returns on your investment if you wish to buy seo services in India from SEO Zooms.

Targeted SEO Campaign

Buy Seo services in IndiaTargeted seo campaign is our special services available with all SEO service packages. Instead of getting unwanted organic visits, we limit to the content based marketing optimization. Supply chain planned dispersion of content and article which will bring high quality audience to your website and you can get fairly good queries and business conversion rates.

SEO Zooms conduct true content marketing ways by publishing useful tips and guidelines in blog posts, in our bookmarks, sharing and feeds. We develop certain strategies in our SEO optimization to get good trust from users. We value our visitors. Our seo methods in guiding the visitors to more page views and values furnished for their revisit, can make a strong back bone for achieving good trust from search engines.

Buy SEO Services in India Packages

SEO Zooms provide various seo service packages to business firms. We provide same standard of work for all packages. Only the time spending for each project will be different according to the opted package.

SEO Package





Type of website

Less Competitive Keywords

Moderate Competition / Dynamic Sites

Highly Competitive Keywords

Multiple / Crucial Projects

Price in INR





Hours of Work / month





Choose the right SEO services package appropriate to your website. There is no hidden charges in these packages.

Our seo optimization services includes different phases of activities. There will be basic practices as well as exclusive strategic activities to achieve better positions in search engine ranking positions.

SEO Transparency

seo transparencySEO Zooms have responsible SEO professionals and we believe that our current project owners are future testimonials and referrals. We keep 100 % transparent about our activities. We will report each and every SEO changes and co-related activities to our clients.

First phase of our SEO services includes different kinds of analysis. It will be conducted primarily before starting on-page works.

Website Analysis

We will analyze your website deeply and identify different status like visibility, initial ranking, authority, relevance, influence, popularity, reputations, already achieved social signals, search traffic value etc.

Keyword Research

Prime analysis for keyword related to the business – analysis on nature of keywords, category, search volume, demand competition for keywords etc.

Keyword Analysis

We will analyze the possibilities of keywords identified. Related keywords, its business chances, conversion scope etc will be deeply analyzed.

Competition Analysis

If keyword has some business possibility, there will be demand for those keywords. Other companies in related business will compete for listing their website for those keywords. So competition analysis exists as an import prior chapter to search engine optimization. Other search engine marketers and advertising networks will be competing for those keywords which has high search volume, demand and CPC advertisement value.

Competitor Analysis

After the competitor websites are identified, we analyze their strength such as visibility, influence, trust achieved, reputations achieved.

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