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How Analytics becomes the Cornerstone of your Marketing Strategy.

How Analytics becomes the Cornerstone of your Marketing Strategy.

How Analytics becomes the Cornerstone of your Marketing Strategy.

Do you ever think of your marketing strategies and its analytics part? Analytics has a great role in your Marketing Strategy. Every marketer knows that analytics tracking is very important. But the majority of them lack a real talent in tracking the analytics at the right time. According to a search conducted, it is realized that most of the topmost companies are weak to track their analytics. A marketer who finds the analytics properly can contribute a lot to the company. For example, the ranking of a social media post is not that much important, but the average rate of traffic coming into the website through social media is very important. Through analyzing the entire system, from point to point, then you can make analytics as to the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

There are some metrics that you must need to track the analytics, they are;

  • Web analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media performance
  • Content analysis

Web Analytics in Marketing

Web analytics track the information like the number of visitors into the website, how many times a page is viewed, from what domain does the visit comes, how often visitors bounce, what they look for, etc. These kinds of information are a fraction of analytics algorithm can show us. Some of them can show the real-time data, such that the events happened currently on the website, etc. So, markets are always able to determine a line between different websites, real-world activities and purchasing trend.


Search Engine Optimization

The search engine uses dynamic algorithms to help the searchers to provide the most relevant answers they looking for. If, so why SEO data matter to marketers. Because, if rank higher in search engine result pages, then greater the traffic it has. Since it affects your daily traffic, your SEO data must be reviewed along with the web traffic. For example, if a page does not get enough traffic then check the keywords of the pages and confirm, which are the most relevant keywords.


Social media performance

Social media campaigns also improve customer interaction and grow the audience, finally drive traffic to the website. As like SEO, social media content and data also analyzed with web data and the number of traffic. Growing your reach on social media means the boosting of your website traffic. And because search engine takes social media for sharing, social media also boost your website on relevant keywords.

Content Analysis

Content analysis touches all the above. It included in SEO, social media, web analytics, etc. Content that well in social media must perform well in search results. Another metric related to content is the click-through rate. This indicates the rate of impressions converted to clicks. Testing can improve this click-through rate. For example, compare the performance of the link given in the first and last of an article.


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