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How to Make Online Business Effective and Wise

How to Make Online Business Effective

Have you dream of your own business and finally have your started one. Congratulations!  These are the answers for “how to make online business effective?”:

No matter whether you are into baking business or photography or selling handicrafts, starting a new business is an achievement and you need to be glad and proud about yourself. Starting a business is a challenge and on top of it, gaining customers is another big thing for a business. When you earn a few dollars from a business, the joy you get cannot be brought even if you spend millions of dollars.

You need to strive to flourish in this competitive business world. There is a steep mountain in front of you to climb up. If you are serious about growing and expanding your business year by year, then you need to work hard and keep improving your online presence to add new customers to your customer base. Once the business is well-established in the market, the next thing would be to earn huge revenue rather than just sustaining on the initial profits.

However, today it has become quite easy for the businesses to scale up to newer heights in an affordable and easy accessible way. In fact, this has become the best friend of all the businesses irrespective of size. So, you would have guessed by now, the best friend of every business. It is none other than a website. It is essential for every website to create their brand presence in the virtual world. You can become be tomorrow’s successful company by improving your online presence. By doing this, you can reach the target audience in every nook and cranny of the world. Undoubtedly, blending a product or service with internet would achieve miraculous results.

If you want to grow, then we are here to help by giving a few tips. The tips below will help you to scale up your business online in a smart way.How to make online business effective

Start Off Immediately

It is a piece of cake to start off your business online. Prior to implementing your growth strategies, you should think about from where you have started. This starting point will give more confidence to bounce back with a high speed to achieve success. You need to start the online presence of your business with a few questions.
What are your business goals?
What exactly is growth for you and your business? No matter whether your goal is sell your software to many clients or grab the attention of a sea of customers to your business site, you need to have a right goal in place. After defining the goals, you would need to a realistic time span and take the necessary steps to attain them. You need to keep tracking the progress of your goals from time to time. If you feel that you are not able to reach closer to your goal, and then tweak your strategies to attain the goal within the set time. You should never step back in the process of attaining your goal despite of many hurdles comes on your way. You need to face the challenges confidently and take your business ahead.

Is Your Business in a Good position?

You need to honestly answer this question instead of showing up off as in profits. If the financial health of your business is poor, then rather than thinking to scale up the business, you need to save this ship from bogging down completely. The Famous marketing expert, Dan Kennedy says that, “the last thing you want to do is get the word out about it”. You need to identify the defects in your product and try to fix them to attain perfection prior to putting your efforts in growing your business.

How are you working in your business?

If you own a restaurant and want to expand it by increasing or changing the menu to pull the eye of foodies to your restaurant, then you cannot simply keep chopping your vegetables during the lunch hours to prepare dishes. If your business is in the nascent stage, it is good to have a boarder picture.

When you think to expand and grow your business, you first need to come out of the kitchen and start planning the daily activities that help you in boosting your brand. To expand your business, you would need to hire employees, since you cannot manage everything with the current bandwidth. If you try to do so, you would end up with failure and poor service.

Undoubtedly, small business owners are always busy to increase the customers and improve sales.

Who is paying for this?

You need to know the financial options and check whether you get investors to invest in your business to take it to newer heights. If you have already availed a loan and want to take another one, you should know whether or not you are eligible to avail it. You would need a lot of money to grow your business. Luckily, internet is cutting down the expenses on marketing and helping you acquire customers easily. If you want to invest in some other area and lack funds, then you need to cut costs in few areas and invest in other areas. For instance, instead of hiring new full-time employees in your catering business, try to freelance this work to the freelancers.

Your own buisness plan

Solutions for How to Make Online Business Effective

Strengthen your Presence

If you are committed to scale up your online presence, then it is the high time to get your hands dirtier. Spend more time in your business till it become success.

Presence through Online

If you already have developed a website for your new business and is live, then it is well and good; if not you need to invest in developing a website. It is crucial for every business to stay online to improve the customer base. If you are not online, your loyal customer may become the customer to your competitor. Before this happens, start your own site to sell the products globally. Though, you own a brick and mortar store and nothing to sell the customers online, but having a website will let the customers know more about what you are selling. When they are in need of your product, they would evoke you. The website is the image of your business. This helps you to promote about your products, services, special officers to the customers round the clock.

People do not need to be a technical savvy to manage the website. If you are having this fear, then leave this. There are many website themes available in online that let you create a professional website with a few clicks and without any coding knowledge. If you want to sell items to the customers online, then you need to choose WordPress site and use the E-commerce tools like Shopify and Woo-Commerce to give an incredible shopping experience to the online users. There are many Woo-Commerce templates available from which you can pick the best one that meets your business needs besides helping you improve sales.

In addition, you also need to use a reliable web hosting services to host your business to stay alive and online all the time for your customers to access. When the site is online, it gets a sea of traffic and sales in no time. Many professionals prefer taking the services of DreamHost.

Make your website easy to use and navigate

Website owners only have a few seconds of time to convince the users to stay back on the site without bouncing back. In these two to three seconds, you need to impress the customers by making your site simple to use, attractive and easy to navigate. If the website visitors are not able to understand what you are selling and where to buy your products, then they immediately bounce to another site and buy the products similar to the ones you are selling in other sites.

Ensure to have an easy navigation so that the user can move from one page to another with ease in search of information. Do not cram the website with videos, images, and heavy and uninformative content just for the sake of making your site look full. Whatever you post on the site should have a strong purpose and should convey about your brand. More importantly, you need to optimize the footer of the website.

Create and maintain a relevant Blog

You need to keep posting new and fresh information in the blog. The posts should be published very often to let the customers land on your blog for new information every week to hog the latest information about your company’s products or services. You need to post the content related to your domain and area of expertise. The blog posts that are really intriguing would be shared by the customers on their social media pages. This helps you gain more page views and traffic. It is not advised to recycle the post from your same site instead try to come up with fresh and SEO-friendly articles to keep the audience engaged on your blog for a long time besides compelling them to come back to your blog again and again.

If you are not a good writer, then you can hire a marketer or copywriter to write fresh and professional content every week.

List your business in Google My Business

Today, the internet users are totally depending on Google to find a piece of information about a topic or want to buy a product from a specific manufacturer. Google will show the results of all the service providers who are providing the service or product similar to the ones you are selling when the user searches with the keyword similar to your product. The best way to increase the traffic to your small business site and to your brick and mortar store is to list your business in Google My business director. This helps you get local customers walk to your store to buy your products.

Google My Business is an online directory where all the small businesses list in it. Whenever a customer near to your locality is in need of your service, but is unaware of you, then Google will show up your business address. This person will straightaway reach you, thus helping you gain a new customer and a sale. Irrespective of the business size, every company is getting listed in this director by giving their registered address, website address, phone number and other details clearly. The businesses that are registered in the directory are shown up in the Google Maps. This way you can gain heavy foot traffic. More importantly, customers can add reviews about your product or service to rate your business. You would also receive negative feedback, which you can respond quickly and sensitively. The best part is that, listing of your business in this directory is totally free. From this you can make online business effective and wise

Refine and polish your site

If your site is driving a huge traffic, then you need to make it business friendly. It will help to reach to more customers.

Add a Call to Action button

When a website visitor lands on your site, he/she will read the content on the web pages and after reading what is the next thing they need to do. When you put a call-to-action button in every page, you can tell them what they need to do after reading the page. The call to action button may be to fill the details to get more information about the company or to subscribe for newsletters or to download a video or to avail the offer. This is the best way to encourage customers to take a desired action.

The website owners should push the customers into the sales funnel. The website offers the push by motivating the customers to take an action. You need to use your goals on how you would like your business to grow.

Build a Public Profile

Marketing is not just about selling your product or service to the customers, but it is about giving solutions and connecting with the people. It is crucial for you to have a compelling “About us” page on your website. The content posted on this page would act as a brilliant marketing tool.

People who are buying your product would want to know the history of your company and what inspired you to make this product in a narrative way. You need to tell your story to the customer in an interesting way. They should be able to see your passion in starting this small business. Undeniably, behind starting a business there would be a story. So, you need to paint the story well to gain the trust of the audience.

Learn or Hire SEO

You either need to learn SEO or you need to hire expert SEO consultants to get the SEO job done perfectly. Undeniably, every website needs to be SEO friendly to stay ahead of the competitors. The site despite of having wonderful content and highly features product, if it is in oblivion, there is no point in having a site. So, it is the job of an SEO expert to throw light on the websites that are lurking in the dark. These people make sure that your site is visible to the audience who are looking for your product or service and ensure that your voice is heard by all the people globally. You would need to create fresh and informative content to drive huge traffic to your site and improve your SERP ranking. Undoubtedly, you cannot bring your site onto the first page of search results overnight. It is time-consuming and a headache job, especially for the businesses that are in the nascent stage. If you have no time to handle the SEO tasks, hire the best SEO and content marketing expert. Ranking your business in Google is one of the main answer for how to make online business effective.

Make It Easy for Customers to buy your products

When you have developed a website, you need to navigate throughout the website with fresh eyes and mind or otherwise you can tell someone who has not navigated to your site to navigate and share their experience. These people will give their honest feedback on site navigation. They will let you to know how easy or hard it is to find the products or services you are selling and where does the customer need to go to make purchase. This helps you to work more on the checkout process and give a better shopping experience for the customers. In addition, it also helps you the way you offer the product to the customer. For instance, you can tell the customer to fill the form or questionnaire rather than requesting them to email or call you.

Consider Your Offerings

If you have improvised your product or service, there would be always room for improvement. If your business is exclusively done in brick and mortar store, then you need to think of something that you can sell online. There are many businesses that are providing their service to the global clients online. For instance, if you own a hair care clinic, then you can tell the customers to book appointment by filling the appointment form online rather than calling you and booking it. This is the easy and best way for customers to do it. In addition, you can provide customer support either through Skype, online chat or email. This helps the customers to get their query resolved immediately which eventually helps you get more traffic and sales down the line.

Reaching Out your potential customers

Once you have developed an appealing site, it is time for you to drive traffic and sales. Add all your potential customers into your database.You need to do email marketing whenever there is a special offer or a new product of yours is released into the market. This email marketing is considered to be cost-effective over the print advertising. When a customer visits your site, it would become a new lead for you. Undeniably, every visitor will land on your site with a purpose, so you should never let go this opportunity rather should turn the prospective client into potential customers.
When the visitor visits your site, you need to give a special discount or a complimentary product in exchange to their email address. Also, you need to keep sending coupons to their emails to redeem them in your stores after buying one of your products. You need to do everything to collect the email addresses of visitors who land on your site legally. This helps you to push them into the sales funnel and get a qualified lead.

Create an informative Email Newsletter

You need to encourage your visitors and social media followers to subscribe for email newsletters. You need to create informative newsletters which the customers or prospective clients should found useful rather than thinking it to be a junk email. You need to keep sending the newsletters about your latest product releases and company updates to the customers from time to time. If the content is fresh and informative, you would get more clicks in the newsletters. The more clicks, the more the traffic to your site. More traffic is one of major solution for how to make online business effective and wise.

You also need to send coupons to the customers to encourage them to make purchases. You need to add a link to your blog posts in the email newsletters and a call to action button. The email newsletters will help you strengthen the relationships with the customers and will let you measure the performance of your marketing techniques.

Give offers on special occasions and weekends

When you give offers or special discounts on your products, you can gain huge traffic to your site. The ideal time to send coupons to the customers is during special occasions and weekends. The offers should satisfy the customers. This is a solution for how to make online business effective and wise.

Follow up with Old customer

People who made purchase from you would like to buy from you again and again. Do not let the past customers to slip from your customer base. For that, you need to follow them up by sending regular emails about the latest offerings. You need to send the coupons or offers on the products that they have purchased earlier and request their feedback on the product. You also need to invite them to subscribe for newsletters.

Scope out Competitors from competition

If you have set up a nice and user friendly website, it is the right time to do snooping. You need to check the competitor website from time to time to see what are the changes they are making in the site to grab the traffic to their site. You need to keep a close eye on the content they are posting, call to actions and newsletters. You need to come up with the strategy that is more powerful that your competitors. You need to offer a better product to the customers with additional features that what your competitor is offering. It is crucial for you to keep a tab on competitors to check what new is being done by them from time to time. As a small business firm, you need to streamline the process to improve the productivity of your business. Updating your web page is one of the answer of how to make online business effective.

Getting Social and Share about Products

Today, social media is used as a marketing platform by all the businesses to strengthen their brand presence. Undeniably, you need to go to the places where your customers are rather than calling them to visit your website. So, social media is one where you can reach the customers in every nook and cranny of the world. You can join all the social media platforms to maintain good relationship with your clients. If you feel you cannot maintain two to three accounts at a time, start with one and then slowly spread across different social media platforms.

Targeted Social Media Advertising

When you have targeted ads on the social media, you can reach the customers who are in need of your products to drive them to your website and store. Social media advertising is cost-effective to create customized ads and post in the areas where your target audience are. You need to pick relevant content from your site to create ads to compel the customers to click on the ad

Create a Brand

Social media is the face of your business. So, when you are creating accounts give proper naming that will not take a toll on your brand reputation. You need to create an account with the name that is easy to remember about your business by the audience. You need to post the content that is informative rather than posting junk stuff that would bounce the customers. It is recommended to hire a social media manager to take care of your social media accounts and timely postings.

Cross Pollinate your business

Promote the content on your website through various channels and also keep posting intriguing posts on social media pages to drive more traffic to your website besides improving the number of followers on social media. You can post something about your business on Twitter with a link to Facebook page. This will compel the audience to click on Facebook link to know more information about what you have posted. You need to engage your customers by posting fresh content rather boring them by posting the same in every social media account. You need to experiment different opportunities on every platform to keep the followers hooked to your social media accounts.
Never dilute your social media efforts rather keep it effective to attain the favorable results from social media pages. Here are the ways you can embrace to choose the best social media platform for your business and how to make online business effective.

Connect and Network

You need to connect with the thought leaders in your domain. It is crucial for you to like, comment and follow their posts and invite them to view your website. You can also rub shoulders with the business leaders to grow your business. This helps you gain maximum exposure online.

Crowd Source

Do you know that your customers love a product, but you do not have enough funds to develop it? Though, you do not have enough funds, you need to kick-start a business and get funds through a fund raising campaign. It is paramount for you to express how best the product is useful for the people globally. By telling the pros of the product, you can get the funds to develop the product or expand your business and how to make online business effective and success

Moreover, the crowd funding campaign will improve the brand reputation and more and more people will love to follow your social media pages. To make the campaign a big success, you would need to add a link to the campaign on your social media pages to redirect the followers to your site to know more information about the products and services you are offering.

Establishing Expertise

The business can be expanded by improving the reputation. You can also internet to improve your brand presence not only within your market, but beyond your field.

Create a Community

You need to build a community to encourage the interested customers to join. This community will be a great platform for your loyal and like minded customers to join and share their thoughts and ideas. You can create a Facebook group, in addition to your company pages to cater the needs of your niche audience.

You can encourage your customers to interact in the group and ask questions. You can use this platform to promote your new products and have a word about new offers. If your group is functioning actively, then you would get feedback from your customers which you can use to improvise your product besides maintaining loyal and long-term relationship with them. You need to set rules in the community to avoid people from posting provoking or abusing posts. It is recommended to have someone to moderate the posts to sail the group in harmony.

Offer Free and quality Content

People land on the internet to find a solution for the problem or look for the companies who are offering the best solutions for their business problems. If you can provide free informative to the internet searchers on your site, your website would definitely get traffic and good ranking on SERP page. It is crucial for you to create videos, content, info-graphics and share them on social media pages too and  put unique contents. This is how to make online business effective

If you create something that is useful and creative, then the people liking the post will share these videos, articles and other stuff with the other people in their account, thus helping you get more brand exposure and traffic. Whenever you post something on your social media page include a link back to your website to encourage the audience to read more information on your site besides compelling them to take a desired action.

Marketing Techniques

Few of the tips that are given for the best content creators include

Teach Classes

If you have knowledge on any topic in your industry, you can share this on your blog or website for free instead of using it as a marketing trick. You need to host classes in online to impart knowledge to your customers. You can archive these videos to let customers refer whenever they want. Also, you can make how to videos and share them on your social media accounts. You also need to encourage customers to suggest a few topics on which you can create videos.

Host a Free Question and answer session

You can ask the customers who land on your social media pages, blogs or website to send their queries related to the subject directly to the provided email or fill in the feedback form. This works wonders for the consultants.
For example, a baby sleep consultant can jot down a few questions and post them on the blog or site to let the parents answer them. He/she can create a video out of those answers. This helps the consultants to give a solution for a few specific problems. It is also very helpful to keep the questions and questions that were probed in the past on the website for reference.

Spread the News

Improve brand reputation of your business and show your area of expertise by taking part in Help a Reporter out (HARO). This is a free database that is acting as a platform to connect both the reporters and sources. When you register on this database, you would get a few queries from the reporters which you need to answer to show your prowess in your field. For instance, if you are a dietician, then the journalist asking you something related to diet and you giving the potential answer would improve your reputation in the market. This improves your business credibility and also gives a quality link to your website. You can tell the questions that you have answered a journalist on your website and share this news on social media accounts to get more exposure. Spreading news about your business.This is how to make online business effective and wise.

Adding Things Up

When you want to grow your small size business, you should be keen on numbers. You need to track all your marketing efforts to let know which are working great and which are debacles for your business of a specific market.

Track Key Metrics

You need to track the performance of your marketing efforts and this can be tracked with analytics where you can get the number of page views, clicks and opens. This helps you to know what works better for your specific market. Also, this helps you to know the kind of blog posts; content offers and discounts are appealing to the audience. You should always experiment new campaigns and use A/B testing to fine tuning your marketing techniques. This A/B testing will give you the best marketing technique that is helping you get more clicks, subscriptions and opens from your potential customers.

If you want to really grow, you keep experimenting with different marketing techniques rather keeping your developed website aside and forgetting about it completely. It is crucial for you to monitor and measure all the factors carefully.

Know Your Costs

When you are growing in the business, you should keep track of your costs and expenses. Undeniably, budget would be low for small businesses, so they need to spend every penny wisely. Two factors that you need to watch closely include.

Cost per Lead

A lead is something that you get when someone downloads your app, subscribe to newsletter, and request more information and so on. No matter whether you are collecting customer details at a trade show, or getting an email address through newsletter subscripting or creating sharable infographics on social media, you should count every penny and you should know whether you are getting high return on investment or not.

This can be calculated by dividing the amount you spent on marketing by the number of leads you have generated. You need to keep asking yourself, whether the amount you are spending on marketing is giving leads or not. If you are not able to generate the leads more than what you have invested, then it is time to try a new tactic.

Cost per Sale

You need to calculate the efforts, time and money spent on each sale. This should be calculated by dividing the amount spent on finding a new customer by the number of customers who have made purchases or availed your service. If the cost per sale and the amount you have spent in manufacturing a product is less than the sales price, then you made a profit.

You need to dive in-depth to analyze the cost of each offering and in addition, you also need to find the lower cost per sale. In addition, you also need to put efforts in grabbing the attention of customers to purchase your products. If there a few products that are not giving profits, then you need to make necessary changes to increase profits or decrease the cost to produce them.

Breaking the Rules

You need to take suggestions of the industry experts to pull the eye of the customers to improve sales and scale up your business in online. However, it is not advised to practice every strategy that is told to a small business owner, since it may turn your business stale. You need to follow the unique strategies that are not followed by other sites to scale up your business to newer heights. You need to keep a close eye on the analytics to find what your audience are exactly looking for in your business. Try to come up with the solution by breaking the rules.

For instance, take freely available content. Everyone loves to hog on free content as it is available to everyone and everywhere. When you are charging on content, it should be something worth reading. Few of the unique contents include, recipes, knitting patterns, customized diet plans, etc. You can charge a few bucks on every newsletter you send to the customers, if the content in it is highly worthy to the reader.

There are a few technical bloggers who are posting informative content and are charging a small price from its subscribers. This small cost is helping the blogger to run this blog effectively while the customer to get latest information on technology. This model is win-win for both the blogger and customer

Internet is growing day by day and is a great place to experiment with new marketing techniques. Every business can embrace new ways to grow their business online.

All these are the formulas for “how to make online business effective and wise


All the best..!!!


SEO Tips For Social Media Marketing

SEO Tips For Social Media Marketing

SEO Tips For Social Media Marketing

I wish to share some SEO Tips For Social Media Marketing. Mainly small business management  must use all possibilities of social media websites as main resource for promotion and overall publicity of their website and its pages. That is, old SEO practices like link building and automation does not bring any SEO benefits to their websites. If the small business owners are decided to invest on search engine optimization, they will have to use social media resources for achieving social signals. It is more effective than back link building.

Useful Social Media Resources


SEO Tips For Social Media MarketingBlogging is not a new feature today. But it is the right time to choose blogging option and effective utilization of content marketing ways to promote your website and service pages. WordPress, Drupal are the most SEO friendly blogging platforms used in websites. WordPress blog installation and its post publishing with quality content on relevant topics can bring better social signals for obtaining domain and page authorities. SEO Zooms promote and provide adequate consultation and advice on effective usage of blogs.

Social Media Websites

social media websites

There are several social media websites which are considered as best resources for achieving potential social signals in SEO. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin, Stumble upon, myspace etc are highly relevant social media websites. Creation of social media profiles and its optimization, adding adequate links to the website are more basic steps in social media promotion and marketing works.


SEO Tips For Social Media

Creation of facebook pages, posting and sharing of relevant webpages and adding videos can make your facebook page engaged with your facebook friends. Once an appropriate facebook page is created with adequate description and images, it can be published and promote among the friends and followers. If the page can achieve lot of likes, shares and comments, then the page will achieve good page rank. It can be also individually listed in the search results. The page rank, page authority etc, achieved by facebook fans page can be effectively utilized for promotion and for SEO for connected landing pages or service pages.


SEo Tips For Social Media Marketing

Twitter is a strong social media with high potential and highest page rank and domain authority. Its real time activities and quickness in communication brings better page rank for its profile pages. Once the twitter profile is optimized with best authority followers and regularity in normal tweets, the linked website or web page will gain more ranking and authority. Twitter helps to organize people into a list and allows you to follow anyone, it will help you to select possible customers.


SEO Tips For Social Media Marketing

Linkedin is most qualified social media website for getting quality visitors. As far the quality of visitors increases, gradually the chance for business conversion will also increase. Mainly the quality professionals all around the world are using linkedin. By adding rich visual content to your linkedin profile will improve visibility among networks. So the visits coming from linkedin will also be appreciable.



pinterest and your business

Pinterest is a social media website designed for getting more page rank and visitors. Helps the users to share and save the posts or contents to pinboards. The users can also share and like what other users have pinned. Also helps the users to pin multiple features of product in a single pin, which allows the customers to see different features.



content is the king in smmIn social media marketing, content is the king. There is so much importance for the content in online marketing. It improves the visibility of your webpages. Content provides communication between firm and customers. The content length is not the main factor, what matters is, the customers should be able to understand what is given in webpage. By this, you can also attract fans and followers by clicking on and enhance your site. If social media marketing is your objective,then content strategy is really important in it.

These all are the main SEO Tips For Social Media Marketing.



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How to do Keyword Research and Analysis in SEO : By SEO Zooms

Source: How to do Keyword research and Analysis in SEO : By SEO Zooms

Keyword-Research-AnalysisKeyword Research and Analysis is an important part in SEO. Analyzing the nature of business is first part. Conducting effective keyword research is second part. Keyword research includes studying the business possibility & relevancy of keywords. Most potential keywords must be identified for better results in SEO. The keywords identified must have relevancy, search volume & business chances. If a non-relevant keyword is used in seo visibility, there cannot be any any business conversions.

Keyword Research Tools

There are lot of keyword research tools available online. Most of those tools may give a row data about keyword search volume & competition. Choosing a keyword by analyzing its search volume and monthly demand is foolishness. Because if you choose a wrong keyword or a non-relevant keyword for your SEO campaign, it wont work. If the business conversion possibility of selected keywords can be identified, your research may give good results. Some keyword research tools gives keyword difficulty scores. Where we can understand the competition level or the push pressure by other competing websites. So depending keyword research tools may not give perfection for your keyword selection. If the keywords identified using keyword research tools are potential for the business, the results will definitely bring better Return on Investment.

Here are some useful Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is free tool available with Google Adwords. Before it was independent keyword research tool. It was available with a simple Google search. But now you have to sign up with Google Adwords account for using Google Keyword Planner. You can use your Google account for conducing research in Google Keyword Planner.

SEM Rush – SEMrush.com

SEM Rush is one of the golden tool you can use for your keyword research and analysis. Easy research based on related keywords, competing websites in organic and paid way etc. area main advantages of this tool. Even if this tool is also free to use, there are number of limitations.

Additional Tips Connected with Your Keyword Research

Use long tail keywords which are relevant for your business.

Always discuss with the client / business owner / persons concerned before finalizing the keywords.

Use different tools for your keyword research.

Conduct a search in Google ( identify the related keywords, suggested keywords and select relevant keywords form there). Google always show many keywords after their search results, saying searches related to your keywords.
















How Google Panda 4.0 Update is working like a strong content filter

For Those of You Who Are Not Aware of the Google Panda

Google panda update 4.0Google’s Panda Update is a content filter implemented in February 2011. Like the older version of Google Panda update 4.0 is also connected with content quality. Google panda has another name called Google farmer updation. The former version of Panda were installed as permannent filters in Google algorithm. Filter in the sense it will avoid law quality contents and duplicate contents from web pages.

Punishable activities under the Google Panda Update 4.0

As we said Google panda is a content filter,so the content filter includes

  • Content dupication
  • Using low quality content
  • Spelling mistake,grammar mistake
  • thinny pages
  • content spinning

Many expert researchers have already published many articles stating the importance and strength of the Panda Filter.

Google authorities have mentioned about Google panda as Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates which aims avoiding web pages published with low quality contents and duplicate contents.

Implementation of Google Panda update, Version 4.0

In 2014 May,Google panda update, version 4.0 has released. It has added as a permanent filter in google algorithm.Google panda update, version 4.0 the key measurement for ranking the website top. The contents which were eliminated by the panda temporarly stored in a place known as sand box. Panda version 4.0 is a major update to the data refresh versus actual algorithm. Google panda update 4.0 affects different languages to different degrees. In English for example, the impact is ~7.5% of queries that are affected to a degree that a regular user might notice.Panda is upgraded as a website ranking algorithm. Panda allows Google to take quality into account and adjust ranking accordingly.

Latest Details about the Panda Updation

The latest details we got from googles is that, no panda updation has done for last few weeks. But webmasters and SEO are not still beliveing about goodle panda updation has not made on last weeks even though the this statement has made by Google.





White, Grey & Black Hat Practices in SEO

Owing to the rising importance of search engines like Google, SEO is a much in-demand internet marketing strategy. We know that search engine optimization or SEO is the process by which quality traffic of large volume to a site can be improved. However, as with all things in life has a good, fair and right way of doing things and a bad, unfair and naughty way of doing things, SEO too has its way. So let’s see what are the different seo hats.

If you are the one doing SEO, you must clearly know the following concepts :

  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO
  • White Hat SEO

shades of seo hats

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Now you must be wondering, do SEO’s actually wear hats? No, we don’t actually wear any hats because Hats are just a term used in the search industry to explain tactics to those outside the industry.

So now that you understand that hats are just tactics, let’s get to know what does the different hat colors mean?




white hat seoWhite Hat depicts a 100% pure SEO practice. White Hat SEO refers to the use of creating content for users and not solely for the purpose of search engines. White hat SEO not only follows all SEO rules & guidelines but ensures that all content indexed by search engines is the same as the content that a human user will see. It focuses on readability, relevance and well-structured content that will help people to read effortlessly. Also, it focuses on cross-linking pages internally on a website wherever appropriate and build relevant inbound links from trusted sources.

Going white hat means going by the search engine’s rules and regulations. If you go by the rules of search engine, it is less likely that you’ll be affected when an update comes. Whit Hat SEO is also called called Ethical SEO.

Some of the techniques that are typically used in White Hat SEO include using keyword by keyword research, rewriting meta tags to be more relevant, back-linking, link building as well as writing readable content for human readers. Those practicing White Hat SEO are expected to make a long-term investment on their website.

Impatience, budget, and lack of understanding lead to the need for a gray hat plan.

Top 5 White Hat SEO Practice – Ethical SEO Hat

Let’s rush through the top 5 white hat SEO practices that will have a positive effect on your search position among the different seo hats practices:

  • Quality Content – There is nothing more valuable you can do to optimise your site for search engines than offer unique well written content.
  • Titles and Meta Data – Providing pages with proper titles and meta data is essential. The title of anything is a declaration as to what the content might be, so make sure your page titles are a true representation of the content of the page.
  • Keyword Research and Effective Keyword Use – Create your website with keywords and key phrases in mind. Use the keywords and key phrases you’ve identified effectively throughout your website.
  • Quality Inbound Links – Having inbound links to your website can be considered good. Good links are links from other web pages that are highly regarded by the search engines and are contextually relevant to the content of your page.
  • Internal Linking – By far one of the easiest way to help your website to rank well on search engines is to make it easier for search engines to make a way through it.



What is GREY HAT SEO ?


grey hat seoGrey Hat is something that neither belongs to White Hat nor Black Hat. Grey Hat SEO is the practice of technically using legal methods to improve your site rankings, but which are ethically unreliable, and could one day become a Black Hat method. A proper understanding of Gray Hat SEO is important because it could either improve your site’s ranking without negative consequences, or it could cost you loss in thousand of traffic. For example, click bait. Click bait refers to a practice where someone posts an eye catching link or a piece of content that encourages a reader to click and read more.

If not careful, grey hat can appear to slip into black hat SEO.

Top Grey Hat SEO Practice

Let’s rush through top 5 Grey Hat SEO practice among the different seo hats practices:

  • Three Way Link Exchange – Reciprocal links and link exchange has been the most widely used link building practice for years until Google made it more difficult devaluing such links in it’s algorithms.
  • Article Spinning – This is an SEO technique by which webmasters post a unique version of relevant content on their sites.
  • Buying old Domains – Some SEO’s buy old domains with authority and back-links, and use them to link back to the other sites they want to rank well in the search engines.
  • Buying Expired Domains – Some link spammers monitor DNS records for domains that will expire soon, buy them, link them when they expire and replace the pages with links to their pages. However, google resets the link data on expired domains.
  • Google Bombing – The terms Google Bomb and Google washing refers to practices such as creating large number of links that cause a web page to have higher ranking for searches on unrelated keyword phrases.




black hat seoBlack Hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focuses solely on search engine rankings and not a human audience. They usually include characteristics that break search engines’ rules and regulations, create poor user experience and unethically presented contents. Black hat SEO practices can yield quick results but there is a higher risk of penalty if discovered. It is a short-sighted solution to the long term implications which can be disastrous for your website and in turn your business.

So if you were using Google as your master, buying links would be considered black hat. If Bing is your master, something such as buying Facebook likes would be black hat.

Black hat tactics are generally the targets of Google updates such as Penguin and Panda and can be seriously detrimental to a site if they are discovered.

Some techniques used in black hat SEO include keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden texts and links and blog content spamming. Consequences of black hat SEO can possibly result in your site being banned from a search engine and de-indexed as a penalization for using unethical techniques. Therefore, to survive a black hat SEO practice is incredibly difficult because you have to get under the radar not to be discovered, and not to get your client fire bombed.

Top 5 Black Hat SEO Practices to Avoid

Let’s rush through the top 5 black hat SEO practices among the different seo hats practices:

  • Hidden Content – placing of keywords in white text on a white background in order to attract search engine spiders. Top in black hat seo practice list.
  • Spamdexing – practice of repeating unrelated phrases to manipulate the relevancy or prominence of resources indexed by a search engine.
  • Keyword Stuffing – practice of packing long lists of keywords without proper formation.
  • Doorway Pages – pages designed for search engines and not for the end user. This is a fake page that user never gets to see and is constructed only for search engine spiders so as to trick them into indexing the site higher.
  • Link Farming – Link farms have no other purposes than to list links of unrelated websites. They won’t provide you with any traffic and you run the risk of having your site banned for participating.



I hope now you are clear that going white hat means going by the search engine’s rules and regulations and going black hat means going against the rules and regulations of search engine. If you go by the rules of search engine you won’t be affected when an update comes. But if you go against it, your site might get banned and de-indexed as a penalty for using unethical techniques.


So which Hat do you really wear? Which  Hat are you supposed to wear? If you can answer these, then I have accomplished my task to correctly convey the topic. If you have any doubt regarding the topic, please free to leave comments!


white hat or black hat seo




Top Paying Adsense Keywords 2016

Highest Paying Adsense Keywords

How to find high paying adsense keywords will be main research topic and much time spending activity for Google Adsense publishers. Because there are many adsense publishers who got increments in their earnings by selecting their topics on basis of high paying keywords.

Here are some top paying adsense keywords which are discovered by my research. Hope these keywords can help you if you are are Adsense publisher and wish to increase your adsense earnings. If you can research on the topic related to keywords which has high CPC (Cost Per Click) value, and if those keywords can have google number of search volume, the google adsense earning can be increased to better heights.

15 High Paying Adsense Keywords 2016

Here are 10 top paying adsense keywords 2016 listed for you if you are an adsense publisher. Enjoy publishing with goole keyword research and produce a best content suitable for the keywords. Optimize the content and publish. Conduct proper SEO so that you can get best search engine ranking for these keywords. And start monetizing your blog posts. Check the improvement in Google adsense earnings.

1) auto accident lawyer houston tx (522.36)
2) truck accident attorney houston (468.20)
3) car accident attorney sacramento (465.06)
4) personal injury attorney san bernardino (458.47)
5) car accident attorney georgia (454.28)
6) workforce management software call centers (444.91)
7) workforce management software call center (444.91)
8) auto accident attorney in los angeles (431.03)
9) mesothelioma claim (410.48)
10) drugs rehabilitation centres (405.39)
11) dallas truck accident lawyer (401.14)
12) u 3 (393.76)
13) private cloud solution (379.26)
14) accident law firms (376.58)
15) cloud infrastructure (369.75)

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Top IT Related Highest Paying Adsense Keywords

Hi here are some of IT related highest paying adsense keyword. These are the IT related keywords for which the advertisers are paying high CPC (Cost Per Click) value to Google. If you keep IT related niche in your blogs and adsense publishing websites, you can include these type topics and related articles to increase the earnings for your IT related articles and blog posts.

1) workforce management software call center (444.85)
2) private cloud solution (379.26)
3) cloud infrastructure (369.75)
4) cloudplatform (364)

Tip of the Day : Find high paying keywords which has less keyword difficulty and high search volume so that your blog / website can make you a millionaire quickly.


How to Prepare SEO Friendly Articles

Seo Friendly Articles Construction

seofriendlyarticlesSeo friendly articles writing can be done very easily. Are you much worried about Seo optimized articles for your website. You may be spending more time to prepare an article for publishing purpose. But after publishing if it does not listed in search results, the contents produced for the article may be not optimized for search engines. Here some tips are shared about preparing SEO Friendly Articles for your websites, blog publishing, press release submission etc.

Must fear the Google Algorithm Update

There can be many reasons for your article is not able to list in Google search results. Most of the time it may be connected with your website. Your website may not be optimized for search engines, or it may not have good Google page rank. For creating article seo friendly articles check if your website has good domain authority, page authority, trust value features. If not try to generate it.

If your website already good number of back links from different websites, you may get good google page rank, authority values and trust which can make your articles seo friendly articles. But the point links to your website should be supplied from some quality websites. Quality websites means websites with good trust value, page ranks, good number of organic traffic etc. And there can be harmful effects for your website you got plenty of pointing links from very low quality websites.

google penguinGoogle penguin algorithm update can find and understand that you have build back links from low quality websites, your website and punish for link spamming activities. Even I have used fear Google algorithm update as this paragraph subheading, there is no need to fear Google’s algorithm updates. Just understand why Google update algorithm. Since their main intention is to give high quality results in their websites, maintaining a high quality website is very important for getting search engine ranking.If this is implemented it can make your article  seo friendly articles.

Fear Google Panda Update


Google uses their algorithm updates named panda to avoid low quality content publishing websites and blogs. Google panda is able to find low quality contents, copied contents from other published websites etc. And Google panda is currently working as a permanent filter which will avoid low quality content crawled by Google bots.

Tips for SEO Friendly Article Writing

Follow these simple tips before your start writing SEO articles for your websites and blogs. Don’t under estimate Google. Understand what are the main intentions behind Google’s algorithm updates. They have already mentioned in their webmaster central blog and webmaster tools videos that the wish to list high quality results for their search engine users. So try to maintain google quality in contents used in websites, blog articles. Prepared your SEO content in a manner that your users will definitely love it. Arrange the SEO contents in manner to easily read, follow and understand. Try to cover following tips connected with preparation of any seo article which make it seo friendly article.

Conduct Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research is an unavoidable part in SEO. Conducting effective keyword research and finalizing most potential keywords can help your published article list in different keyword matching, possible to list long tail keywords etc. While conducting keyword research don’t focus on a single keyword of key phrase. Try to find out related keywords suggested keywords from Google and most useful convertible keywords which tends to make seo friendly articles.

Research on Specific Topics

Before start writing a SEO optimized article, conduct a detailed research and grab maximum knowledge on the topic. Cover maximum depth to develop useful article content needed for users. Try to add maximum stuff inside your article content. Your article will get a continuous life if your content is made in lovable and acceptable way and it will come among seo friendly articles.

Usage of Keyword in Article Content

Your article can not be listed in Google for any focusing keyword if do not used the focusing keywords inside the article body content. But over usage of focusing keyword in content can also bring negative marks.So use the focusing keyword in your article within a limit then you can make your articles seo friendly articles.

Understand the Purpose of Article

Understanding the purpose of article is very important in content writing. Know what message the article needs to convene. Content optimization is an art in SEO. Preparing seo friendly articles has its high role in content optimization. Well optimized contents are capable generate tons of visits if it contains values. The article you prepared may be published on an informational website or blog posts or news page, so the sentences need to be easy-to-read. If the article is able to engage more audience in the published pages, the published page will get more trust values.

An article prepared in a authoritative and conversational tone and if it contain actual, useful and factual information, it may generate more responses. Such articles are very useful for blog posting and article posting. While creating seo friendly articles try to avoid repeating ideas and subjects in sentences over and over. A better way to check your article is to read the draft loudly. If you can read 2 -3 times naturally your understand the problems connected to your writing. Some other requirements needed for a SEO friendly articles are:

1) The “keyword” provided should be used as the title AND the topic/theme of the article. Assume that the reader most likely found this article by typing in the “keyword” or a variation of it into the search engine, thus the content of the article should satisfy the readers query and answer the questions (directly or indirectly) that he/she might be thinking.
2) Do not optimize the article for any particular keyword and avoid using the exact title in the body. Write naturally for the readers, not the search engines!
3) The article must have a strong introduction paragraph. This first paragraph should be the most important paragraph in the entire article. First paragraph is the place where all the assertions pertaining to the topic are introduced. It plays an important role in making seo friendly articles. A reader should be able to determine what the article is going to cover just by reading this.
4) Article should have a proper conclusion paragraph that sums everything up.
5) The article needs to have at least 1 bulleted or numbered list.
6) The article must have at least 4 subtitles relevant to the content that follows.
7) The article must be written mostly in first and second person narrative (with an active voice and present tense). The tone/style should be personal/conversational in order to build trust with the readers. I should be able to pick up some of your personality from reading your writing. Be creative with the topic and input some of your own thoughts/ideas – don’t submit generic content that’s already plastered all over the web.
8) Make sure that the article is informative, fun/easy to read, and flows naturally. Avoid lengthy sentences, or multiple sentences, that can be summed up with a single, concise one.
9) Keep paragraphs short (maximum 2-3 sentences per paragraph). Separate your ideas. It’s much easier to read this way.
10) Do not submit to me a re-write of an article that already exists on the web. The article must be unique AND original (include your own thoughts, personality, and ideas, don’t just write like a robot). It will adversely affect in making seo friendly articles. If I recognize the article as a rewrite of an existing article that I’ve read before, I will not accept it and you will receive a bad rating for not following clear instructions.
11) Use at least 3 or more sources when doing your research and *list the sources* used at the bottom.It will help in constructing seo friendly articles.
12) Go through this checklist again and double check to make sure you’ve followed 1-11 correctly. I recommend writing the article as if you are speaking to someone. Because  this style will naturally interest and benefit the targeted readers. Please *double check* your article before submitting to make sure it’s unique and does not contain any grammar mistakes. I will not accept any article that is spun, contains grammar mistakes, lacks quality information, fails to follow *any* of the above guidelines, or is plagiarized/rewritten. If your articles are approved, but problems arise down the line, you will most likely be blocked from seeing any future projects. Failure to follow guidelines will result in wasted time for both of us. I look forward to reading your finished work. Thank You and Good Luck!



Develop Content Marketing Strategy for SEO with Values

success-quoteThe year of 2014 already taught many lessons of content marketing to the online marketers. Developing a content marketing strategy for SEO became an avoidable online marketing intent. Your content need to be produced with high quality value additions which your audience are also interested. So that the user can be impressed and engaged for any of his responses on your content and attain a value of significance. An useful research on your audience may be looking for or by what kind of stuff you can impress them and persuade the users to participate in some valuable responses. In general aspect, for the engaging your audience and tempting them to took part with some interactive responses need addition of certain level of values. Because for engaging audience, it need a thoughtful content which psychologically compels the users to stimulate some initiatives for further interactions and engagements. A value added content which fills the lag of communication risks and benefits plays well in content marketing.

A successful marketer or a business owner who has already achieved the benefits of content marketing strategy with good content investments based on value and on demand of audience knows better how the content marketing strategy works with SEO.

Check out the following points to consider when you plan a content marketing strategy

  • Identify what type of values can make your content greater
  • Check what your audience are looking for
  • Research what kind of contents can bring potential users to your content
  • Select the right publishing platforms relevant for your business

Every online marketers know the power of social media networking sites and its importance in band building. The marketers who have utilized the influence of best social media business networking sites have succeeded in building many huge hikes in their results.

Knowing the Recipes of Content Marketing Strategy

If anybody ask me about content marketing, I can say hundreds of possibilities, case studies, relevance of content publishing in online marketing especially in SEO etc. But if we discuss on the recipes needed for a content marketing strategy are production of impressive and quality contents which is suitable for your product and services. Just logically analyze what kind of content can be used purposefully for driving a good number of audience.

While you research on content marketing examples and its case studies, you may identify how a successful campaign works in bringing more and more audiences and interactions.

Improving interaction chances of your web page

The processes involved in search engines have much more evolved. Even less prior search engines started using device specific web crawlers, collecting and analyzing the device experience with websites. Prior to they were collecting the user experience data about various web pages. So there are great importance of enhancing the chances of user interaction as well device compatibility for your website pages. If the log files send a wrong data about your website page like it was not a good experience for handy devices, or touch screen mobile device to easy navigate on your website pages, may come back like a harmful boomerang against your website pages.

Usage of resources for Effective Content Marketing Strategy for SEO

Internet is miraculous and vast area of resources. Day by day the resources are increasing like any thing. effective usage of these resources can help you in planning, developing and implementing lot of content marketing efforts very effectively. It involves lot of research connecting with selecting right resources suitable for your content marketing, and proper experiments and knowledge in practice. Social media websites, free online publishing platforms, free blogging platforms, high quality article publishing websites, directories etc are top number resources for best content marketing strategy for seo.


Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Start ups

Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Start ups

Online Marketing Tips for small Business Start ups. This article helpful for new comers. Online marketing activities for any small business start up is only do it yourself process if you can effectively plan, process and carry out. Here are some useful tips connected with online marketing for small business start ups. Hope these simple steps can help you in bringing effective results for your business.

Online Marketing Tips for small Business Start ups

Website marketing

Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Start upsFor getting online customers you may need a website. But it does not mean that it is necessary to have a heavy website. And it is also true that companies used heavy websites failed many times.

If you wish to run your start up simply without a paid website, you can opt for free blogs and used free blogging platforms like blog spot, word press etc. for creating you company profile. The website design and layouts can be made suitable for your business category. But the entire website, pages should be easily loading and user friendly.

Social Media Marketing

 Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Start ups

Create social media profile pages about your company organization. Use your company logo, use unique descriptions, and be active in posting, sharing, responding to responses. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, Pinterest etc. are highly influential among internet users. Millions of people spend hours in their social media profile pages. If you can make your company profile visible to them, it will help your business in improving popularity, promotion, business conversions.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO online marketing tipsSEO or Search Engine Optimization is not a new area in online marketing. It enable many leading companies in the world to attract and achieve thousands of online customers through search engines. So optimizing your company website for getting listed in search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc. can drive huge amount of internet audience to your website through search engines.

PPC – Pay Per Click Advertisements

online marketing tips PPCPPC or pay per click advertising campaigns are most effective online marketing chance for new start ups. Because other forms of online marketing ways like social media and SEO needs more time and those are gradual process which needed many formal qualifications needed such as influence, trust, authority, etc.

Content Marketing

small business tips content marketing

Content marketing is an effective online marketing door for companies which are looking to build up a brand image with their marketing processes. It includes utilization of blogging, promotional phases, sharing chances, additional add on for generation of interactions and responses.


Meaning of Keyword search Volume

seo-keywords-searchKEYWORD SEARCH VOLUME

The meaning of Keyword search volume  is a number of searches coming in search engines for a particular keyword. Mostly the keyword search volume can be analyzed in a customized form connected with time span and location.

Time span based Keyword Search Volume

It is a keyword search volume or a number of searches for a keyword coming in search engines during a particular time span period.

Location based Keyword search volume

It is a possible number of searches coming in search engine for a particular keyword with in location. Most of the keyword tools provide results connected with time span period and location. For example, Google keyword planner provides results based on the number of searches coming in Google search engine  in a particular location, region & country.

99% of keyword tools provide search volume based on its historical data, keyword search trends statistical comparison etc. A blind usage of these keyword tools does not guarantee any success result in Search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Keyword research done by a marketer should be in a logical manner. The exact purpose of marketing campaigns may differ. By doing SEO for a website, you can select keywords which have a huge number of demand & search volume. In search engine marketing especially advertisement programs like Google Adwords also a big demanding keyword may be selected.

Selection of high volume keywords for your campaigns can bring more people to your page. Users may buy your product depending upon the conversion possibility. Because of the conversion possibility also differ from keyword to keyword.

Logical usage of keyword selection helps the marketers in understanding the business conversion possibility of a keyword. Instead of selecting high volume keywords which have fewer conversion chances, usage of long – tailed potential keywords  are useful for a campaign planned for aiming business conversion.

Tips for identifying business value keywords

If you have spend more hours using many paid and free keyword tools and not able to find an adequate keyword which can be added to your potential keyword list, check this post about tips for identifying potential keywords.