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Tips to Select your First SEO Keyword

Tips to Select your First SEO Keyword


The best way to flourish in any business is to go online and make the site user and search engine friendly. SEO is embraced by every business to boost its online presence and to improve the ranking of the site on SERP results. The SEO expert makes necessary changes in the site to make it friendly for the user to navigate and search engine to crawl. Seo-keywords plays a major role in website ranking.

SEO-KeywordsKeywords are heart of SEO strategy. As an SEO expert, you need to do extensive research about the company and gather relevant keywords to your product and services. Each web page of the site should be optimized with a keyword. When a user searches for the keyword relevant to your business, then your site appears on the first page of search engine results. The SEO experts have the ability to control the ranking of the site based on the selected keyword. Also, you can embed keywords in the content and campaign at the right places to make it appear for relevant searches done by the user.

To boost the site reputation in the digital world and make your business successfully, you need to pick the right and relevant keywords. After picking, embed them in the content. Over a period of time, you can track how successfully the keywords you have embedded in the content is drawing traffic and which are the keywords that are performing poor. You would be wondering on how to pick the first SEO keywords

Set and perceive your website and business goals

Prior to picking keywords for your business, you first need to understand the business and website goals clearly. Many companies embrace SEO strategies to improve the site ranking and revenue. You should have a clear goal of how much traffic you want to bring to your site and how much revenue you want to generate in the coming six months.

SEO is a long-term process and cannot be done overnight and bring in huge traffic. This strategy you embrace let you to know how much time it takes for you to see evident results. Few may take weeks and few may take months, but the results are guaranteed. If you want quick results, you need to choose the keywords that have less competition and high volume.

The keywords should be relevant to the business and target audience. You also need to know whether the keywords should be focused on a particular set of audience group or all types of people landing on your site. This can be clearly known by the traffic you want to seek to your site. In addition, you also need to know whether the audience who land on your site should make purchases or just learn about the brand.

Use head and long-tail keywordslong-tail-seo

Once the website and business goals are set, the next thing is to know which type of keywords to pick, whether head keywords or long-tail keywords. Head keywords are short keywords which have two to three words, but bring in huge traffic and also have hefty competition.

Long-tail keywords are lengthier and are used as a conventional phrase. These keywords bring low traffic and has less competition compared to head keywords. However, each type of keyword has its own advantages. The head keywords are used for long-term to pull traffic while long-tail keywords are used for short-term and give quick results. Using both these keywords will reap you fruitful results.

Do a thorough preliminary research

After setting the goals, you will have a clear vision to work on. For that, you need to do primary research

  • Brainstorm for ideas

Start jotting down the keywords by assuming of what search term the user enters while searching for product related to your business. You do not need to rack your brain for ideas, but come up with a few keyword phrases with which a user searches. You can come up with both long-tail and head keywords that a user might use to search for the product similar to yours.

  • Use topic and keyword tools

You can use the best keyword research tool to add the keywords you have collected while doing primary search to come up with new keywords. The tool that is used by many people is Google keyword research tool and the other is Moz. These both tools help you to come up with new keyword ideas and give the competition and search volume for those keywords.

  • Prepare the master list

You need to add all the collected keywords in a spreadsheet and pull the keywords that are much closer to your products.

Narrow down the list of keywords

After preparing the master list, you can start to narrow down the weak keywords. You need to keep the below factors in mind while narrowing down the keywords.


Search volume of the keyword. This defines the number of times that particular phrase has been searched by the users. This helps you decide on how much traffic you can drive to your website. However, this volume is subject to change over time.


Check the competition of each keyword. The high volume keyword has high competition. Undeniably, the higher the competition, the tough it would be for an SEO professional to rank better for that particular keyword. You need to balance between competition and volume.


To check how relevant the keyword is to your brand. No matter whether the keyword has high traffic and less competition, but the keyword you pick should be relevant to your brand to incorporate in the content. The keywords you stuff also decide the traffic you receive to the site.


You need to check whether your site is ranked for any of the keywords you have picked. If you are ranked, then it is quite easy to work on the keyword to bring your web page with this keyword to the first page of search engine results.

Select top candidates

One should choose the keyword that is relevant to your industry and personal taste. You need to rule out unwanted keywords and prepare a fresh list of keywords that help you to earn effective results and then optimize the web pages with these keywords.

Though, the initial SEO keywords that are picked by you may not be perfect, but helps you to improve the traffic to your site. You need to check how the traffic is improved to your website after embedding these keywords from time to time. In addition, you need to make necessary changes to the keywords and their placements when required.


Brahmadas is the SEO & Digital Marketing Manager at SEOZOOMs. He has more than 10 years experience in SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing & Blogging. He is currently SEO consultant to many big brands of Middle East, United Kingdom, Australia & US. He is highly passionate in SEO. Expert in advanced SEO optimization practices like AMP (accelerated mobile pages) OG, Schema etc..

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