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Manual Web spam actions by Google

Manual web spam actions by Google are punishments given to websites for conducting unapproved strategies with search engine optimization activities. There are many chances for a website to get punishment from Google.

Link spamming

Google will definitely find a website or send a manual action message, if Google found a website is building its back links using pay link schemes. Google will punish a website if it is building low quality links. In Google’s point of view any manual link building can be seen as link spamming.

Article spamming

If find a website doing article submission in already punished websites for selling links, they will definitely punish the submitting site.

Content spamming

Content spamming is usage of low quality contents, copied contents and less user friendly content. Currently Google has included the panda updation filters permanently with their algorithm. So Google panda filter will work like a shield to protect the search results to avoid website pages with low quality and copied duplicate contents.

Comment Spamming

Even the links achieved by comments can get some useful contributing factors of search engine listing, it can be punishable if a website use and follow comment spamming activities using automation and continuous manual comment submissions.

Automated Link Building

Google will surely punish those websites following automated software and automatic link generating systems.

Latest and recent Google Pagerank updates held on December 6th 2013 shows that they have strictly evaluated the trust units achieved by websites using manual link building activities and other spam indexing methods.