White hat SEO professionals are those who uses ethical seo practices in their search engine optimization strategies. There are many white hat SEO practices which include logical usage of on page and off page SEO practices allowed by Google webmasters guidelines.

A white hat method of SEO practice will avoid all unethical SEO optimization ways which may bring good results in search engine ranking and will generate organic traffic to websites very slowly.

By initiations made by Google webmaster central blog and its published videos, SEO start up guide etc have made most of the SEO secret open to every public internet users.

But the reveal of certain guidelines and its practices published  by Google made certain group of SEO practitioners to misuse it for their websites in order to gain search engine visibility quickly using over optimization practices. But in the SEO start up guide onwards, its is mentioned by Google that over usage of specified practice may harm the website or it may cause damages to its search engine visibility.

But few group of SEO professionals who were high responsible to their job or SEO profession, their clients, client business progress strongly stick on ethical practices and implement all allowed practices by adding value to each and every pages published, covering necessary steps for getting trust, user’s acceptance, user interactions, responses, more page views, revisits etc.

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