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FOCAS 2014 LIVE | Watch FOCAS 20014 from Aspen Institute

FOCAS 2014 LIVE | Watch FOCAS 20014 from Aspen Institute

Watch FOCAS 2014 Live

The Forum of Communications and Society (FOCAS) meet 20014 during 10th to 13th August 2014 will be held at Aspen Institute, Colorado. The main discussion areas will be connected with quick changing pace of technology and its impacting challenges connected with various business sectors and Government. The forum will discuss more on strengthening the internet with free expression and new innovations connected with internet security, policy matters connected with privacy and openness etc. The forum will discuss on various internet policies related to expressive mode of reconstructive general recommendations consumer options, financial security collection methods of direct options for America’s internet policies etc.

Google’s web spam team head Matt Cutts have announced in his twitter that he will be participating the conference which is going to be held for open internet protection.


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