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Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Start ups

Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Start ups

Online Marketing Tips for small Business Start ups. This article helpful for new comers. Online marketing activities for any small business start up is only do it yourself process if you can effectively plan, process and carry out. Here are some useful tips connected with online marketing for small business start ups. Hope these simple steps can help you in bringing effective results for your business.

Online Marketing Tips for small Business Start ups

Website marketing

Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Start upsFor getting online customers you may need a website. But it does not mean that it is necessary to have a heavy website. And it is also true that companies used heavy websites failed many times.

If you wish to run your start up simply without a paid website, you can opt for free blogs and used free blogging platforms like blog spot, word press etc. for creating you company profile. The website design and layouts can be made suitable for your business category. But the entire website, pages should be easily loading and user friendly.

Social Media Marketing

 Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Start ups

Create social media profile pages about your company organization. Use your company logo, use unique descriptions, and be active in posting, sharing, responding to responses. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, Pinterest etc. are highly influential among internet users. Millions of people spend hours in their social media profile pages. If you can make your company profile visible to them, it will help your business in improving popularity, promotion, business conversions.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO online marketing tipsSEO or Search Engine Optimization is not a new area in online marketing. It enable many leading companies in the world to attract and achieve thousands of online customers through search engines. So optimizing your company website for getting listed in search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc. can drive huge amount of internet audience to your website through search engines.

PPC – Pay Per Click Advertisements

online marketing tips PPCPPC or pay per click advertising campaigns are most effective online marketing chance for new start ups. Because other forms of online marketing ways like social media and SEO needs more time and those are gradual process which needed many formal qualifications needed such as influence, trust, authority, etc.

Content Marketing

small business tips content marketing

Content marketing is an effective online marketing door for companies which are looking to build up a brand image with their marketing processes. It includes utilization of blogging, promotional phases, sharing chances, additional add on for generation of interactions and responses.

Meaning of Keyword search Volume

seo-keywords-searchKEYWORD SEARCH VOLUME

The meaning of Keyword search volume  is a number of searches coming in search engines for a particular keyword. Mostly the keyword search volume can be analyzed in a customized form connected with time span and location.

Time span based Keyword Search Volume

It is a keyword search volume or a number of searches for a keyword coming in search engines during a particular time span period.

Location based Keyword search volume

It is a possible number of searches coming in search engine for a particular keyword with in location. Most of the keyword tools provide results connected with time span period and location. For example, Google keyword planner provides results based on the number of searches coming in Google search engine  in a particular location, region & country.

99% of keyword tools provide search volume based on its historical data, keyword search trends statistical comparison etc. A blind usage of these keyword tools does not guarantee any success result in Search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Keyword research done by a marketer should be in a logical manner. The exact purpose of marketing campaigns may differ. By doing SEO for a website, you can select keywords which have a huge number of demand & search volume. In search engine marketing especially advertisement programs like Google Adwords also a big demanding keyword may be selected.

Selection of high volume keywords for your campaigns can bring more people to your page. Users may buy your product depending upon the conversion possibility. Because of the conversion possibility also differ from keyword to keyword.

Logical usage of keyword selection helps the marketers in understanding the business conversion possibility of a keyword. Instead of selecting high volume keywords which have fewer conversion chances, usage of long – tailed potential keywords  are useful for a campaign planned for aiming business conversion.

Tips for identifying business value keywords

If you have spend more hours using many paid and free keyword tools and not able to find an adequate keyword which can be added to your potential keyword list, check this post about tips for identifying potential keywords.

Affordable seo services

Tips For Identifying Potential Keywords

Keyword Research

Identification of potential keywords for your search engine optimization is very easy. Get some tips identifying potential keywords that could potentially drive traffic and sales. If you can logically use all of the keyword tools provided by various websites, it is very easy and helpful in bringing potential customers to your website.Tips For Identifying Potential Keywords

Most of the keyword tools provides result for your keyword research. It is based on the historical data details connected with their data base records.

Normally there are many hypothetical meanings. If you consider a keyword “SEO Company in India” and check it Google keyword planner. Then you can find its search volume, demand, search trends etc in the results. If you check the volume of results available in Google cache data base, that showing just before search results in Google like About 1,24,00,000 results. It means Google is showing top 10 results identified from about 1,24,00,000 results available in their data base.

Even if you conduct a customized search for results of last one hour for the keyword “SEO Company in India”, you can find at least 50-100 results showing in Google. That are identified, crawled, cached and listed by Google related to the keyword “SEO Company in India”.

If you estimate the number of SEO companies in India which is looking for same keywords, and their practice of SERP checking, periodical report making of its supporting staff, cross checking of team leaders, project managers, company owners what will be the search volume.

Don’t forget that all these numbers of searches are coming in the number of search volume for that keyword found in the Google keyword planner.

So if you logically research, your findings of the keyword search volume using these keywords can never help you in a helpful manner.

Real Tips For Identifying Potential Keywords begins here

So how you can find few potential keywords easily. I can share some idea here. First use maximum keyword tools available in internet. Using tools such as Google keyword planner, SEM rush, rank pay, word stream etc can definitely help you. Prepare different spread sheet using these keywords. Compare the results of various customized keyword researches based on time, location etc.

Mark and identify keywords logically. Check the CPC cost value of keywords, (Google Adwords cost per click value – Bid value)  if the cost value shows high, definitely there will be business conversion possibilities.

Then make a clear list of keywords. Copy each keyword and do a Google search. If Google adds are showing in the results. You can lock the searched keyword as useful one.

Secondly, if Google shows related keywords with their search results, you can identify similar keywords which are useful similarity like the keywords you have selected.

But double check that your client website project provides such services or sells same products and services.

FOCAS 2014 LIVE | Watch FOCAS 20014 from Aspen Institute

Watch FOCAS 2014 Live

The Forum of Communications and Society (FOCAS) meet 20014 during 10th to 13th August 2014 will be held at Aspen Institute, Colorado. The main discussion areas will be connected with quick changing pace of technology and its impacting challenges connected with various business sectors and Government. The forum will discuss more on strengthening the internet with free expression and new innovations connected with internet security, policy matters connected with privacy and openness etc. The forum will discuss on various internet policies related to expressive mode of reconstructive general recommendations consumer options, financial security collection methods of direct options for America’s internet policies etc.

Google’s web spam team head Matt Cutts have announced in his twitter that he will be participating the conference which is going to be held for open internet protection.

SEO Future 2014 – 2015 safe with logical research and white hat practices

Google Panda

Are you a online marketer or SEO professional worried about the future of SEO. Here are some useful thoughts related to SEO future 2014-2015.

The SEO climate being too dark for users who spam content publishing techniques and cheap level automated tricks, who always try to manipulate a position in SERP.

The rolling out of Panda 4 being the huge obstacle for content spammers. The filter works successfully to isolate the URLs with duplicate, copied, plagiarized and low quality contents.

Case studies made by industrial experts have confirmed that Google Panda Update works like a strong filter permanently installed with Google search engine Algorithm.

It is highly interesting to discuss and write on controversial thoughts like existence of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Future is unpredictable, especially on SEO. The years 2013 and 2012 remains unexpected and unbelievable year in SEO world.

It is very easy to say that SEO or search engine optimization will remain in the world until the search engines remain.

Only white hat practices based on quality content, quality back links will help you in SEO web traffic and useful guidelines connected with SEO future 2014.

What I learned from SEO posts published by other industry leaders

Spend more time on research activities, data digging, competition analysis, keyword analysis, content optimization etc.

Reduce link building, spam indexing, keyword stuffing, spam comment posting etc.

Reducing link building does not mean to stop link building activities. But it need to identify on topic areas, on topic websites, on topic URLs. It should be on topic, relevant, powerful, useful to others, quality link worthy.

1) Identify powerful URLs belongs to high domain authority page ranked websites.

a) Identify right websites

b) Check page rank

c) Analyze organic traffic, traffic ranking, keywords etc

d) Check page authority, domain authority, social authority etc

e) Check Google visibility & back links

Here are some useful tips identified for SEO professional who use content as their main weapon in SEO.

Title optimization by usage of Keywords in a descriptive way.

Usage of Meta description tag in an attractive form aiming more CTR

Usage of Long tailed keywords in starting para ( It will bring 99% success if the sentence can start with expecting long tail keyword itself)

Regular updation for content with unique and user friendly stuff with optimization aiming users or visitors

Usage of inner links for periodical stimulation for regular crawl cache and indexing improvements.

Utilization of Social media profiles, activities which generate genuine traffic, interaction and responses.

Image Courtesy : Search Engine Land

Rajinikanth entered into tweeting world with a world record in twitter followers

One more record to the profile book of ever shine super star of Indian cinema. Super star Rajini Kanth own a new world record in highest number of twitter followers in shortest time.

More than 100 thousand twitter followers within 5 hours. It is seen as ever made world records in the history of twitter and social media world. Rajini Kanth has made a single tweet after creating a colorful visually optimized twitter profile. His profile background image with his upcoming movie image of Kochadaiiyyan – The Legend. With in a short time span of 4 hours Rajanikanth got more than 1 lakh followers. His first and ever made tween in his first day in twitter achieved more than five thousand re tweets and more 4,500 favorites with in first 4 hours.

Twitter users enjoys with welcoming message to Superstar Rajinikanth. Anybody can find and follow him @superstarrajini  The entry and achievement of his record in getting number of twitter followers with in short time period become a festival mood among social media marketers and twitter users.

His First tweet is embedded here. It got more than Fourteen thousand re-tweet and about 20 thousand favorites.

Online Business Marketing using Social Media Websites

What is Social Media Marketing? 

Social Media marketing, as the name indicates is the process of marketing your products and services through social networking websites. It’s about attracting people to your database and let your potential outreach the target populace. The basic concept is to make your company a household name so people trust you and keen to have a long lasting relationship with you.

Why is it important?

  1. Two-third of frequent web users on a regular basis use social media websites like Facebook, twitter, orkut etc.
  2. Social Media websites are among the most visited websites.
  3. Three times growth than other internet usage.
  4. People control the media unlike traditionally controlled by powerful editors and publishers.

Why companies use social media?

More than the conventional communicating mediums like television and radio, people spend more time on social media so it’s better to showcase and market products there.

Facebook Marketing

It’s represents the new face of marketing. According to Facebook, more than 5 billion interactions happen a minute and over a billion links are shared every week which includes pictures, videos etc which without a second though makes it the ideal playground for e-marketing.

How does it work?

Facebook is great platform for business of its diversified groups. Facebook consists of 45 million groups, so all you need to do is to identify the appropriate groups for business and join. The following are the few methods of marketing on Facebook.

Video and Content Marketing: Better content will yield better results. Currently marketing through videos are much more effective because once the uploaded video becomes viral its being viewed and shared by millions on Facebook groups which eventually increases the chances of better business prospects.

Targeting: Targeting consumers through Facebook should be executed with excellent planning and after proper research. Promoting special offers may work well on Facebook and it may bring fortune to the business if targeted at the right audience.

Social Media Marketing tips for small business

social-media-marketing-tipsThere are few theories which are much required while you are out for marketing using social media. In business promotional activities which involve online business branding, the volume of trust gathered by the pages of a website does a tell-tale thing about how trustworthy and dependable a website is.

Social mentions about the business strategies in different portals benefit the all-around promotion of the website. It is trust worthy to get social mentions from powerful profiles than huge reputations. Therefore such an equation can be well compared with quality versus quantity. The quality plays a major role in social media marketing than mere quantity. Below are few simple tips that will help you gain a little insight about social media marketing.

The term social media marketing is not new into the world of media, but it is perhaps one of the most dependable keynotes for success. Implementing the correct forms of social media marketing and utilizing it in the right manner can lead to a fruitful business growth and success.

Intimating other pioneers and trail blazers in a business field will not just lead to pre-mature caricatures but will also degrade the brand value. So through this blog I want to give few useful marketing tips which will definitely help you to gain the right approach in the field of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing and Network Selection

The right selection of network to showcase the products and perform marketing activities is utterly required. There are some sorts of social network websites that are not apt for product sales and promotional activities, while it can be the best place for professional service providing. So depending upon the kind of potential audience you should choose the social media for marketing purpose.

Add Value to your Messages

Social media marketing requires a perfect profile in the first place. Start building the right kind of message which you would use to approach the customers. Regular feeds in the form of messages need to be updated at periodic intervals so that people remain updated about it and your requirement never goes ‘out of mind’ of people.

Value added information along with the core idea of your theme and a little bit of promotions plays a key role. Tips, guidelines and one-liners that start with the trigger words like how, when, where, useful etc. play the major role. Infographic images also find a great way to reach the target audiences. People tend to share such messages and like them and even refer them to friends.

Share the interactive mode of message categories

Sharing and posting only those contents which are relevant to the current periodic developments can boost up good level of interactions among the circle.

Live a Social Life

While you are into the game of social media marketing, you need to be in the limelight purposely. Interactions with people from different walk of life and may increase your products and themes to get noticed first. The birth status has got nothing to do with the social status, especially in media and marketing services. Therefore try to create a unique profile which is eye catchy and build up your profile for maximum outreach of your messages. In social media marketing, getting more visibility to your profile is considered to be healthier as it will make your messages more popular.

You need to do a little experiment and put yourself in the shoes of the audience. Now decide what you would like to check through social media and what are your expectations. Also try to learn which links you would preferably open over the internet. Self analysis is the key feature before the commencement of any business work.

Be Social

Having a social life is much related to being social. Tray and interact with maximum number of people and try to respond to as many queries you can. Try making powerful connections with people and bring them into confidence by virtue of your clear goals and strategies. In this way your social well being will be accepted by others.

Always try to listen, not just hear

A responsible response can only be forwarded when you listen to the queries of the audience and just listen o them. You only are responsible for your social media marketing and therefore make maximum efforts to reach out to the people in every possible way. Moreover when you are up in the social media marketing, people will tend to follow you to some extent. So make wise responses whenever required.

Have constant Interaction with the Audience

Keep a close watch on your audience and the stuffs they are sharing. Whenever you get any response from your audience side do not hesitate to drop a reply back to them. You can even like, share, rate and comment on the postings made by your social media connections.

Target the right Audience

An interactive set of audience will help you to gain more exposure. Audiences with good level of profile influence can help you gain a lot in social media marketing. Moreover you will gain more popularity in this field.

Maximize the proficiency of Social Media Campaign

Promotional campaigns can be held in the medium which you have chosen for the social media marketing. Always try to gain all the technical possibilities by initiating an in-depth and dedicated approach in the social media campaigns. For example, you have selected “Twitter” for the purpose of marketing, the messages tend to get spread in short time span. Even in “Facebook” you can gain much attention by sharing posts among potential audiences and their friends. Technically, you can increase and upgrade the level of campaigns through tweeting, retweeting, sharing and favoring.

These are the few important tips that will help you in making a perfect social media marketing.

How to exhibit your prowess on social media

Prowess on social media or skill on social media, Every freelancer seeks recognition for his or her profession. Hence, it is obvious they look out for platforms like Elance to reveal their skills and also for exhibit prowess on social media. Things may not be as expected for everybody. It may or may not happen. It is when social media serves as a better platform to have more exposure. Social media is a place where one can express personal thoughts, have own pages to provide information about products and services, have a fan page or even personal blogs. It helps in increasing visibility of the company or products. Here are a few tips that can help in exhibiting skills on various platforms of social media:

prowess on social media

Provide spontaneous answers to questions:

Most of the content focuses on questions and answers. Keep your online presence on all popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter or other social networking site. If you find questions relating to your expertise, try to provide immediate answers. This can create a great impression among the competitors. You can also provide useful links that can enlighten about the product and services. Once you have picked up a place in answering questions, you can find more questions coming your way. It provides an impression that you have great knowledge about the profession.

Join your competitors:

Creating groups and sharing information and thoughts would definitely capture the attention of the targeted people. Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking websites are a key place to find new spectators, which indeed would enhance business. It is one of the most useful platforms where you can have a direct interaction with customers. Direct conversations are always a superb option where the customers can get to know more about the products. Opinions from the customers are one of the key factors that every business person should try to improve. Getting in touch with similar business persons opens up more opportunities to improve and enhance business. Group presence on the social networking sites provides a new strength for the business as well as for business persons.

Discussions about present scenario:

Posting regular matters on the website does not yield much result. However, you must take time to read and express your opinions on major happenings or any news flash on area of your profession or company. You can comment if you have some real good information, it is better to avoid if your do not have much substance.

Discuss your personal interests:

There are no hard and fast rules that restrict your conversations while socializing. Apart from business, you can make interactions interesting by discussing about your favorite sport and so on. It develops a better bonding with people as well an easy approach to the audience. These methods tell about How to exhibit your prowess on social media.

Beginners Guide for SEO

Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO is a compilation of certain techniques and procedures that permiSEOts a certain website to get more passage from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others. With SEO getting more popular for its benefits, almost all websites are now competing to get visible on the web. So here are a few tips for beginners to guide them through SEO.

Beginners Guide for SEO:Tips

Beginners guide for SEO

Incorporate Keywords in domain

If your work is focused on certain field, then do include that keyword in your domain repeatedly for a descent number of times. For example if your sphere of influence is SEO, then you can include keyword in your domain as seo tips.com.

Fitting Keyword in post URL

It is advisable to change your post permalink if there is no keyword incorporated in the URL of the blog or Word Press by default. In this case, title can be added permalink. Moreover, if you don’t see the title of the post in the URL, then it’s good to change the permalinks option.

Utilizing Keyword is imperative

Always use the keyword in the title, headings and Meta descriptions. Don’t overuse the keyword in the body but disperse its use by incorporating it subheadings.

Know the uploaded Images

You can provide tags and headings for your uploaded images. It is always good to confirm the size of the image that it is optimal and is not overloading the server load. SEO booster plugin software can be used in Word Press and software called ‘Gimp’ is used for performing the same task.

Interlinking to attract more traffic

Interlinking is another way to increase the traffic to your website. All you need to do is to join all your associated posts; with the link holding the keywords.

Reducing loading time of Website/blog

It is established that lowering the loading time of your website or blog directly changes the number of persons visiting or page view. One of the excellent ways is not to exceed a page size of 1,00,000 and removing the unwanted text and Meta tags from the Webpage.

Tender website/blog to Search Engine

A step ahead is to develop Google Webmaster and Analytics account, yield them to your website and including sitemap. This way, you can track your ranking and other required details.

Superior Content

It is advisable not to copy or duplicate other’s work. Always upload fresh and meaningful content which is valuable and easy to connect with the viewers. Readers find it easy to link with an interesting but original content.

Social Networking sites

One of the best way in today’s time is to create asocial media and SEO Social Profile on various Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. and constantly share and advertise your posts/articles in these Social Networking sites. Make sure you put your domain name in these Profiles.

Remember that SEO is not about purchasing the number #1 sponsored link through Google Ad words and declare that you have a #1 ranking on Google. The search engines are adequately smart to praise you that rank by default. Therefore, if you are done with your web designing, uploading your files, and setting up your blog and not getting enough visitors, get SEO friendly.

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