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Meaning of Keyword search Volume

seo-keywords-searchKEYWORD SEARCH VOLUME

The meaning of Keyword search volume  is a number of searches coming in search engines for a particular keyword. Mostly the keyword search volume can be analyzed in a customized form connected with time span and location.

Time span based Keyword Search Volume

It is a keyword search volume or a number of searches for a keyword coming in search engines during a particular time span period.

Location based Keyword search volume

It is a possible number of searches coming in search engine for a particular keyword with in location. Most of the keyword tools provide results connected with time span period and location. For example, Google keyword planner provides results based on the number of searches coming in Google search engine  in a particular location, region & country.

99% of keyword tools provide search volume based on its historical data, keyword search trends statistical comparison etc. A blind usage of these keyword tools does not guarantee any success result in Search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Keyword research done by a marketer should be in a logical manner. The exact purpose of marketing campaigns may differ. By doing SEO for a website, you can select keywords which have a huge number of demand & search volume. In search engine marketing especially advertisement programs like Google Adwords also a big demanding keyword may be selected.

Selection of high volume keywords for your campaigns can bring more people to your page. Users may buy your product depending upon the conversion possibility. Because of the conversion possibility also differ from keyword to keyword.

Logical usage of keyword selection helps the marketers in understanding the business conversion possibility of a keyword. Instead of selecting high volume keywords which have fewer conversion chances, usage of long – tailed potential keywords  are useful for a campaign planned for aiming business conversion.

Tips for identifying business value keywords

If you have spend more hours using many paid and free keyword tools and not able to find an adequate keyword which can be added to your potential keyword list, check this post about tips for identifying potential keywords.

How to list your website for hyper value keywords

Hyper value keywords are those keywords with all sort of possibilities like high business conversion rates, high competition and high cost per click value.

hyper-value-keywordsDying for a hyper value keyword is not advisable. But many SEO case studies shows that a planned attempt with coverage of all favorable points constituting search engine ranking can succeed in listing in higher position of Google for hyper value keywords.

In part of SEO planning for hyper value keywords, there are many barrios to cross. A regular updating URL created in seo friendly CMS like wordpress, Drupal or Joomla can be advisable. Initial step is to find a resource for production for fresh content regularly.

Usage of wordpress can add many values for your URL. It include utilization of many useful plugins, tools, seo friendly interactive options, etc.

Mainly accurate planning is very important with trying to list a website or web page for hyper value keywords. There can be high competition from other providers, publishers, advertising networks etc.

Internal links should be arranged in a pleasant manner to build up authorities from social medias, external links, especially Google authority.

Once a level of on page optimization is completed. A detailed competition analysis  can be conducted. Deeply analyze the competitors identified for the hyper value keyword chosen. Check how the competing websites are getting their reputations. Check out their Google authority, authority factors and learn about their ratio of link building tactics.

Need to develop a non compromising strategy in publishing fresh and quality content. Regularly try to publish good valuable content. Adopt a content marketing strategy.

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