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How Google Panda 4.0 Update is working like a strong content filter

For Those of You Who Are Not Aware of the Google Panda

Google panda update 4.0Google’s Panda Update is a content filter implemented in February 2011. Like the older version of Google Panda update 4.0 is also connected with content quality. Google panda has another name called Google farmer updation. The former version of Panda were installed as permannent filters in Google algorithm. Filter in the sense it will avoid law quality contents and duplicate contents from web pages.

Punishable activities under the Google Panda Update 4.0

As we said Google panda is a content filter,so the content filter includes

  • Content dupication
  • Using low quality content
  • Spelling mistake,grammar mistake
  • thinny pages
  • content spinning

Many expert researchers have already published many articles stating the importance and strength of the Panda Filter.

Google authorities have mentioned about Google panda as Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates which aims avoiding web pages published with low quality contents and duplicate contents.

Implementation of Google Panda update, Version 4.0

In 2014 May,Google panda update, version 4.0 has released. It has added as a permanent filter in google algorithm.Google panda update, version 4.0 the key measurement for ranking the website top. The contents which were eliminated by the panda temporarly stored in a place known as sand box. Panda version 4.0 is a major update to the data refresh versus actual algorithm. Google panda update 4.0 affects different languages to different degrees. In English for example, the impact is ~7.5% of queries that are affected to a degree that a regular user might notice.Panda is upgraded as a website ranking algorithm. Panda allows Google to take quality into account and adjust ranking accordingly.

Latest Details about the Panda Updation

The latest details we got from googles is that, no panda updation has done for last few weeks. But webmasters and SEO are not still beliveing about goodle panda updation has not made on last weeks even though the this statement has made by Google.




Start Your Career With SEO

start your career with seo


Start Your Career With SEO, career opportunities are available in many business field. So Search Engine Optimization is first career choice for students. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming one of the most important career in world. Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website on organic (Natural SEO) search engine result pages ,by incorporating search engine friendly elements into a website.

What is SEO


search engine optimization

SEO (Search engine optimization) is a internet marketing strategy. It considers how search engine works and what people search for the actual keyword typed into search engines. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content and HTML page. If you starting an SEO project, the site owners should carefully read the webmaster guide lines. The Search Engine Optimization is  used to increase the no.of visitors to a website by obtaining a high ranking  in the search results.

Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in online business field, such as flipkart, snapdeal etc. SEO methods can be separated into organic and non organic. Organic SEO is generally called as natural SEO. It takes more time to execute and get longer term results. Non organic SEO is also called as  Artificial SEO get quick results and the effects are generally less effective  compared to organic SEO. The non organic SEO based on search engine marketing which involves paid advertising, pay-per-click advertising as well as paid affiliate marketing.

Reasons to Choose SEO Career


Now a days increasing demand of SEO service, the employment opportunities in the industry are also increasing. When site having increased in number and doing great business, an expert SEO has become the need of the companies. Also expecting more job opportunities in DIGITAL MARKETING field .

Why SEO Field is High Demand


  • Large brand advertisers are using SEO actively in india & internationally.
  • Growth in the number of local search request with mobile web searches.
  • Direct marketers are increasingly adopting SEO.
  • Increased use of search engine to look for information on web year on year.

Benefits and Salary


The average pay for a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst is Rs 159,814 per year. Depending on different factors like Years Experience, Employer Type, City, Company Size, State or Province, Certification etc. If you are in United States then the chances are better because companies offer better pays for SEO Professionals which range $32,312 – $49,257. The overall income atleast 10 times more than what Indians are paid.

Scope of SEO

scope of seo

SEO is the force behind the success of the company. Internet marketing is a large industry everyone is accepting the changes in business fields. The top companys are keeping huge budgets for internet marketing. There is a huge scope in this field as every web projects needs traffic from the Search, hence everyone is looking for optimizing their websites to rank in the top of the Search Engine Results.




Website Analysis Tools

Important Website Analysis Tools in SEO

Website Analysis Tools is very important in analyzing the present and past details of a website. By website-analysisanalyzing this details we can get all informations about a website. It helps us in decision making. It analyses different criteria about your website such as design, content, performance, traffic etc of your site. It helps in improving the on page SEO. Different free analysis tools are available on the web which gives a perfect analysis report about your site.


One important website analysis tools is GTmetrix. GTmetrix is a good tool to analyze the performance of your website. It provides a detailed report about how well your site loads and provides actionable recommendations on how to optimize it.

Website Analysis Tools : Report


Page Speed : It shows the page speed i.e. the speed at which your web page loads. It also provides the page loading time, page size, requests etc. Requests are those which are send to server in order to load a page. For better loading speed you should keep your requests minimum. GTmetrix give the recommendations for improving the page speed. An example screen shot is added below.

Website Analysis Report

Yslow :  It gives the Yslow scores i.e. why your page loading speed is slow. Keeping the Yslow scores high helps to improve the ranking. It also provides suggestions for improving the page speed. See the screen shot below.

Screenshot Yslow Report

Waterfall : Waterfall is a graphical representation of all the resources loaded by a browser in order to show a page to a user. It helps us to analyze the request that made to the server to load a page. It shows the number of requests made and the time for loading each requested file. The height of the waterfall represents the number of requests. The width of the waterfall shows the time to load the requested resource.

Gtmetrix Waterfall

History : Using GT metrics we can also analyze the history of the a website. We can select the span of history we want to see. It gives the graph showing the page load time, Page sizes and request counts and PageSpeed and YSlow Scores. The download option is also available. We can download the history details using this option.

Website Analysis Tools : History


One of the another important Website Analysis Tools is Alexa. It provides analysis on the traffic data, global ranking etc. We can see our ranking globally and also in a particular country. Alexa free site overview but it also provides many premium features. The premium features includes SEO Audit Tools, Keyword difficulty Tools, On-page SEO Checker and Competitive Intelligence Tool.


Traffic Ranks : Alexa displays our site’s ranking relative to other sites. The global ranking and the ranking in a specific country is available.Website Analysis Tools : Alexa

Audience Geography : Alexa provides the map showing the location of the visitors. The information about the percentage of visitors from different country is also available.Alexa Audience Geography

Total Sites Linking In : The inbound links to a website is displayed here. The total number of links and the details of sites which are linked are available.

Alexa Site Links

Other features like Monthly Unique Visitor Metrics, How engaged are visitors to google.com?, Where do google.com’s visitors come from?, Where do google.com’s visitors go next? etc are also available.

Google Insights

Google Insights is a website analysis tool developed by Google. Google PageSpeed Insights provides the page speed of a site. The page speed in Mobile and Desktop can be analyzed separately. The scores of our site out of 100 is shown here. It also give suggestions to fix the issues if there is any.Website Analysis Tools : Google Insights

Google Insights is similar to GTmetrix. The analysis reports generated by GTmetrix and Google Insights are almost similar. Like GTmetrix, Google Insights also provide the steps to fix the errors and suggestions to improve the site.


This article describes about some Website Analysis Tools that are used in SEO. Some website analysis tools and the screen shots of their analysis reports are added. The site used here for analysis is google.com. This tools can be used to analyze a website’s performance. By comparing the analysis reports from different tools we can get a better understanding about our site’s performance. This helps us to improve and optimize our site more efficiently.

Scopes of Digital Marketing in IT

Scopes of Digital Marketing

Scopes of Digital Marketing? By the time you read this blog I’m sure that you’ll be confident and satisfied that a carrier in Digital Marketing is the best choice to better growth in It Industry. Digital marketing is very important factor in our IT world and it have many scopes of Digital Marketing. Now, Digital Marketing is not an avoiding factor it is very important in industries and Its scopes. Now The world is going Digital and by the year 2020, all the companies around the world including India will have online presence and thus creating a lot of career scopes. The digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy and the Firms are also follow that ways. Now Every firm has make websites and online tradings for increasing popularity and business. Digital Marketing provides you with various scopes. If you love coding, you can go for web designing or if you are a born writer, go for content marketing and so on.


What is Digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is the new age marketing. Digital marketing is a set of programs for the marketing of services or products using digital technologies in internet. The Digital Marketing has developed since the 1990s. It has changed the way brands and businesses utilize technology and digital marketing for their marketing in 2000s. Now digital Marketing has many scopes in IT industry.

Scopes in IT

Comprised of several things like SEO, SMM, SEM, Content marketing, social media marketing,  etc. digital marketing has a very good scopes. As each and every business is going online by creating websites and apps, the future of digital marketing is getting stronger. Digital marketing scopes are search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influences marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, and e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising, e–books, optical disks and games, and any other form of digital media. It also extends to non-Internet channels that provide digital media, such as mobile phones (SMS and MMS), callback and on-hold mobile ring tones. You have 5-7 years of experience in Digital Marketing, you can Improve and grow as marketing manager.

Areas of Digital Marketing

  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM(Search Engine Marketing)
  • Content Marketing
  • SMM(Social Media Marketing)
  • MM(Mobile Marketing)
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytic


Earnings of Digital Marketing Field In India

The salary majorly depends on the type of organization and your role. My Expectation of salary is given below:

Digital Marketing (Manager) 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs
SEO expert (Manager) 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs
SEM/PPC expert 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs
Web developer 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs
Social Media Manager 3.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs
Content Writer 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs



seozooms.com more information in Digital Marketing that covers all the aspects of Digital Marketing which will not only give you theoretical knowledge but will also provide you practical information while chat with our experts.

Scope Of Digital Marketing In India

In our India only 16% people was using internet till the end of 2013 and usage of internet is increasing by 15% and its reach to 31% in 2014 and increase rapidly day by day. Now in our India34.5% people was using internet till the end of 2015 and usage is increased.




SEO Scope in IT industry


SEO scope in IT industry

Everyday, increasing  the SEO scope in IT industry. There are many SEO scope in IT industry, with contextual advertising. SEO is a very long process and for every business SEO plays an important role to increase visibility of your business on search engine. Do you know what is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimization. The definition of SEO is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high ranking placement in the search result page of a search engine (SERP) including Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine. The main objective was to spread some basic level of practices which are required for improving search engine crawl and catch.

What is the role of Page Rank in SEO?

SEO scope in IT industry page rankPage Rank is the important part of  SEO history. Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm applied by Google.com that assigns a number or rank to each hyper linked web page within the World Wide Web. The basic purpose of Page Rank is to list web pages from the most important to the least important, reflecting on a search engine results page when a keyword search occurs. The basic process involves Page Rank evaluating all of the links to a particular web page.

 What are the functions of SEO Updations?

Google has taken it very seriously that the users get the right content for the queries they search for. And for that, numerous updates have been made in their algorithms from the past year. SEO will never go dead in future, the process of SEO will change by Google ‘s updates and we have to just follow them and do quality work.

Do you know about SEO Updations? Click here.

SEO scope in IT industry seo updates

Why you need SEO Analysis services

SEO scope in IT industry seo analysis

SEO analysis services everything you need to know so you can easily optimize your site to increase your visitor traffic from the search engine. For more details click SEO Analysis services.

 Do you know about SEO scope in IT industry?

SEO scope in IT industry

Basically, SEO means making adjustments to a website. So that it scores high on the search results pages for particular keywords and key phrases. This calls for making a variety of changes to the pages of a website, some of these will be visible to those who view the site, and others won’t. There are many SEO scope in IT industry, with contextual advertising. Google scope of SEO in IT Industry displaying Ads to specific audience, who are really interested in those messages. With the help of SEO one can increase the web page rank of this site.

SEO scope in IT industry There is a very good scope in IT industry. SEO is force behind company’s on-line success.  SEO Scope is increasing everyday as well as website is increasing with new algorithm everyday to produce best search result to their audience. So many company hire SEO expert to increase his web page rank in  Search Engine Result Page. Any one can do SEO job, If you get some good clients you can make 100000 per month.

White, Grey & Black Hat Practices in SEO

Owing to the rising importance of search engines like Google, SEO is a much in-demand internet marketing strategy. We know that search engine optimization or SEO is the process by which quality traffic of large volume to a site can be improved. However, as with all things in life has a good, fair and right way of doing things and a bad, unfair and naughty way of doing things, SEO too has its way. So let’s see what are the different seo hats.

If you are the one doing SEO, you must clearly know the following concepts :

  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO
  • White Hat SEO

shades of seo hats

Image credit: Google Blogoscoped


Now you must be wondering, do SEO’s actually wear hats? No, we don’t actually wear any hats because Hats are just a term used in the search industry to explain tactics to those outside the industry.

So now that you understand that hats are just tactics, let’s get to know what does the different hat colors mean?




white hat seoWhite Hat depicts a 100% pure SEO practice. White Hat SEO refers to the use of creating content for users and not solely for the purpose of search engines. White hat SEO not only follows all SEO rules & guidelines but ensures that all content indexed by search engines is the same as the content that a human user will see. It focuses on readability, relevance and well-structured content that will help people to read effortlessly. Also, it focuses on cross-linking pages internally on a website wherever appropriate and build relevant inbound links from trusted sources.

Going white hat means going by the search engine’s rules and regulations. If you go by the rules of search engine, it is less likely that you’ll be affected when an update comes. Whit Hat SEO is also called called Ethical SEO.

Some of the techniques that are typically used in White Hat SEO include using keyword by keyword research, rewriting meta tags to be more relevant, back-linking, link building as well as writing readable content for human readers. Those practicing White Hat SEO are expected to make a long-term investment on their website.

Impatience, budget, and lack of understanding lead to the need for a gray hat plan.

Top 5 White Hat SEO Practice – Ethical SEO Hat

Let’s rush through the top 5 white hat SEO practices that will have a positive effect on your search position among the different seo hats practices:

  • Quality Content – There is nothing more valuable you can do to optimise your site for search engines than offer unique well written content.
  • Titles and Meta Data – Providing pages with proper titles and meta data is essential. The title of anything is a declaration as to what the content might be, so make sure your page titles are a true representation of the content of the page.
  • Keyword Research and Effective Keyword Use – Create your website with keywords and key phrases in mind. Use the keywords and key phrases you’ve identified effectively throughout your website.
  • Quality Inbound Links – Having inbound links to your website can be considered good. Good links are links from other web pages that are highly regarded by the search engines and are contextually relevant to the content of your page.
  • Internal Linking – By far one of the easiest way to help your website to rank well on search engines is to make it easier for search engines to make a way through it.



What is GREY HAT SEO ?


grey hat seoGrey Hat is something that neither belongs to White Hat nor Black Hat. Grey Hat SEO is the practice of technically using legal methods to improve your site rankings, but which are ethically unreliable, and could one day become a Black Hat method. A proper understanding of Gray Hat SEO is important because it could either improve your site’s ranking without negative consequences, or it could cost you loss in thousand of traffic. For example, click bait. Click bait refers to a practice where someone posts an eye catching link or a piece of content that encourages a reader to click and read more.

If not careful, grey hat can appear to slip into black hat SEO.

Top Grey Hat SEO Practice

Let’s rush through top 5 Grey Hat SEO practice among the different seo hats practices:

  • Three Way Link Exchange – Reciprocal links and link exchange has been the most widely used link building practice for years until Google made it more difficult devaluing such links in it’s algorithms.
  • Article Spinning – This is an SEO technique by which webmasters post a unique version of relevant content on their sites.
  • Buying old Domains – Some SEO’s buy old domains with authority and back-links, and use them to link back to the other sites they want to rank well in the search engines.
  • Buying Expired Domains – Some link spammers monitor DNS records for domains that will expire soon, buy them, link them when they expire and replace the pages with links to their pages. However, google resets the link data on expired domains.
  • Google Bombing – The terms Google Bomb and Google washing refers to practices such as creating large number of links that cause a web page to have higher ranking for searches on unrelated keyword phrases.




black hat seoBlack Hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focuses solely on search engine rankings and not a human audience. They usually include characteristics that break search engines’ rules and regulations, create poor user experience and unethically presented contents. Black hat SEO practices can yield quick results but there is a higher risk of penalty if discovered. It is a short-sighted solution to the long term implications which can be disastrous for your website and in turn your business.

So if you were using Google as your master, buying links would be considered black hat. If Bing is your master, something such as buying Facebook likes would be black hat.

Black hat tactics are generally the targets of Google updates such as Penguin and Panda and can be seriously detrimental to a site if they are discovered.

Some techniques used in black hat SEO include keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden texts and links and blog content spamming. Consequences of black hat SEO can possibly result in your site being banned from a search engine and de-indexed as a penalization for using unethical techniques. Therefore, to survive a black hat SEO practice is incredibly difficult because you have to get under the radar not to be discovered, and not to get your client fire bombed.

Top 5 Black Hat SEO Practices to Avoid

Let’s rush through the top 5 black hat SEO practices among the different seo hats practices:

  • Hidden Content – placing of keywords in white text on a white background in order to attract search engine spiders. Top in black hat seo practice list.
  • Spamdexing – practice of repeating unrelated phrases to manipulate the relevancy or prominence of resources indexed by a search engine.
  • Keyword Stuffing – practice of packing long lists of keywords without proper formation.
  • Doorway Pages – pages designed for search engines and not for the end user. This is a fake page that user never gets to see and is constructed only for search engine spiders so as to trick them into indexing the site higher.
  • Link Farming – Link farms have no other purposes than to list links of unrelated websites. They won’t provide you with any traffic and you run the risk of having your site banned for participating.



I hope now you are clear that going white hat means going by the search engine’s rules and regulations and going black hat means going against the rules and regulations of search engine. If you go by the rules of search engine you won’t be affected when an update comes. But if you go against it, your site might get banned and de-indexed as a penalty for using unethical techniques.


So which Hat do you really wear? Which  Hat are you supposed to wear? If you can answer these, then I have accomplished my task to correctly convey the topic. If you have any doubt regarding the topic, please free to leave comments!


white hat or black hat seo



A Glance at all the SEO Trends 2016

2016 has come with so many changes in Google already. Just recently, Google has informed of a new search result format, the rich cards, that’s going to take over the world of SEO in a storm.

In the years to come, SEO is only going to gain more prominence and in future, it might replace the entire traditional marketing platforms as it aims to top your rankings on search engines, boost your visibility online and drive a significant amount of quality traffic to your website. After all, what’s the purpose in creating a website with all the right content and imagery if there are no visitors to it?

SEO or search engine optimization is a set of tasks and techniques that aims at escalating your visibility in search engines in the form of high rankings.

Search engine rankings change from time to time (that’s normal, of course!) but it’s important to keep your website updated with new content that’s outstanding quality wise. This helps in regular streaming of traffic to your website.

Here we feature you what’s hot in SEO for 2016:

1. Mobile Friendly Web Page

Ever after the Mobilegeddon update that came through on April 21st, 2016 it’s necessary to optimize your website for a mobile search. Your audience is scattered in various places and they use different devices to access you.

If your site isn’t mobile friendly, chances are you may be removed from the mobile search results. Look at these stats to see how mobile ad spending is predicted for the years to come (Source: www.smartinsights.com).

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Mobile Ad spending- Billions $ 28.7 40.5 49.8 57.7 65.8
Percentage change 50% 41% 23% 16% 14%
Percentage of digital ad spending 49% 60.4% 66.6% 69.7% 72.2%

2. Social media content sharing

Since Twitter‘s deal with Google, even the Tweets relating to the search engine query show up on the search results. If your posts are re-tweeted a lot, it can automatically increase your rankings on search engines. Right now, 76% of online marketers use social media for marketing purposes. If you are still not convinced, you can see for yourself here:

SEO trends 2016: Social media signals boost traffic to your site

Social media signals will evidently be part of the number of Google’s processing signals in 2016.

3. Be local in SEO

Google is now offering semantic search results since the pigeon update. That’s the search results are customized on the basis of location and the search intent of the user. If a person in New York is searching for “Hospitals”, he will get a list of Hospitals in New York.

If you want your business website show up on location based searches, you need to let Google know where your location is and what your business is offering.


As per the stats provided by searchengineland.com, you will be convinced on how local SEO is a prime ranking factor on Google.

  • Local Searches Lead 50% Of Mobile Visitors To Visit Stores Within One Day
  • 61% use the address or phone number in the ad
  • 68% use the “Get Directions” or “Call” buttons.

So make sure you’ve listed your profile on Google Business Pages and place-marked your business in “Google Maps”.

4. Backlinks are still significant!

They will again be part among the 100s of signals Google uses to process the search results and hence the continuing one among the “SEO trends 2016”. You will need backlinks from a bunch of different domains.

How to get these backlinks? Spamming 100s of websites with comments and leaving link there? No!

The best back links are the ones coming from websites with high amount of authority (PageRank) and high trust value already.

The most significant way to get links is by creating fascinating and shareable content that’s linkable.

5. The fad for mobile apps will grow even more!

Mobile apps account for more than 52% of the online time spent by the users on a smartphone. This is one of the reasons why all businesses wishing to expand their share in the market, should develop mobile apps.

Mobile apps that feature a certain brand, like Amazon or Flipkart, is now becoming more and more common these days. The future for mobile apps is so huge that it’s predicted to replace even the desktop and mobile friendly websites.

Already, Google shows up the mobile apps featuring the brand you are looking for in mobile search.

SEO trends 2016: Mobile apps fad will grow

6. Rich cards

As revealed by Google in their official blog on May 17, 2016, websites which feature recipes and movies are entitled to enhance the search engine traffic with a new opportunity to stand apart from other websites called the rich cards.

Another form of rich snippets, they use the schema mark up to show their content in a visually appealing way with rich content and prominent images.

Rich cards focus on giving the mobile user the best experience and all the information he wants on the go.

SEO trends 2016: Rich cards

The rich cards come with an exciting feature wherein you can track the user activity on the same with a Rich Cards report offered by Google Search Console.

7. Voice Searches are going to get bigger

The voice search is another functionality that’s part of the “SEO Trends 2016”. People use the voice search function when they are driving or multi-tasking. It is becoming more significant in mobile searches as it saves the user the time and effort to type in a search query. Almost all devices like Microsoft, Apple and Google Now (Android) use the voice search function- that is, the Cortana, Siri and Google Now.

To make sure your website is optimized for a voice search, use the list of long tail keywords that have chances of being spoken out by a person conducting the search. Check out the image below to see what category of people use the voice search as well as when do they use it.

SEO trends 2016: Voice search

8. Content and Keyword

They will always be part of SEO Trends forever. A content that’s good quality wise and that’s able to get more links will always rank higher on Google. The best content is one that’s easily readable and interesting as well.

Visual content like videos also render the content more shareable. Make sure you always update the content on your website for regular traffic and revisits.

As for keywords, even if it’s not a ranking factor on Google, it’s a must for devising some specific keyword strategy. Choose from an array of related keywords and create a content that revolves around it. Also try not to stuff your keywords and if you are looking to add more keywords to your page, it is suggested that you expand your content as well.

Even though the SEO trends are likely to change again and again, we expect that the above 8 trends are the most dominant ones in 2016. While some trends may vanish, some of these trends will rapidly advance and outlive the others. In spite of that, we surely tell you that by adopting these “SEO trends 2016”, you will be in the vanguard of the digital market for 2016.

Google Webmaster Tools Guidelines For Seo

About Google webmaster

Google webmaster tool is used by the webmasters to check their websites indexing and optimizing the quality of their websites. From May 20, 2015 onwards the Google Webmasters tool is known as Google Search Console. It is a free service provided by google. It has a great role to maintain a website. Before you studying about webmasters please go through Search Engine Optimization Basic Facts For a search engine optimization techniques google webmaster will be a great support for the webmasters. We should also be aware about the Basic Difference Between Google Aanalytics and Google Webmaster Tool. Through Google Webmaster Tools Guidelines for SEO the users who are new to webmasters tools will get a idea to use the tools.

Tips to improve site performance through google webmasters.
Adding and verifying  site
•Sign into  google search console using google account. Add Site in available space. e should verify both the www and non www version of our site and fix one of the site and add redirect option for other site.
•There are certified website are available like  https://www.example.com.  In https version there will be to and fro communication that means if  we open a site and for a longer time we doesn’t make any interaction there will not be any cookies are tracking. So in google side google may think of the user is spending more time in this site and google think the site is quality one. But in http version there is only one way communication.

Select Preferred version
Select one of the site that to be appear in google search result as www or non www version.

Select the target country
Set your geographic feature of your site  as users target.

Sharing with co workers
Through this we can invite co workers who are supporting with our site. There will be two option to set co workers
•    Restricted
•    Full option

Submit a site map
Submit a site map for our websites will be more easier to google to crawl our websites. Google has more capacity to read XML files.

Other features of google webmasters tool

•    Search Apperance
•    Search Analytics
•    Google Index
•    Crawl

Search Apperance

Structured Data – We Can Verify Through Structured Data Testing Tool. We can verify whether the breadcrumb is valid or not. Authorship optimization, rich snippet are all structured data. We can see in moz.com, while we entered to moz site we can see another search area inside the site. This is one of the structured data.

Data Highlighter – Highlighted version of data are visible. We can see under our site where events are arranged  as highlighted.

HTML Improvements – The main errors occuring in HTML improvements are meta description and title. We should write different meta description and title for our different pages.

Site Links–  They are generated automatically under our site during search results.

Search Traffic

Search Analytics – Through this we get a idea about total number of clicks, CTR rate, impressions, from which all devices, countries got click for site, search type, position etc for our site.

Links  to your site – It shows number of links to our site.

Internal Links – It shows internal links of our site.

Manual Actions – It shows the manual actions given by goggle while we do any actions against the Google policy. Manually punishing through goggle updation.

International Targeting
Country settings  – In this we are setting the country for which we need to get more visibility. We can set it also globally.  If Search result will be more then listing will be difficult. If the search result is less then listing will be easier. So choose keyword with less search result in selecting country. If we are focusing main country, try to give address on meta description.
Language –If we need to publish our site in different language use hreflang tag also while google translation there won’t be detect any content duplication. Try to add href lang tag on sitemap also.

Mobile Visibility – Making our site which are available in mobile search.

Google Index

Index Status – Showing the index status of our site URL.

Content Keyword– We can see list of keywords that has more visibility.

Blocked Resources – Blocking our pages from google bots that doesn’t need any crawling.

Remove URLs– Removing of URLs is done through two options are from catching and from directory.


Crawl Errors– In this the google webmasters tool will list the crawl errors for sites.  Inorder   to avoid crawl errors try to give redirection to any of the valid pages in site. If the not found page has more authority we can redirect that page to home page. So the authority can be achieve by home page. The types of redirection are 301 permanent redirection and 302 temporary redirection. 302 can be given to the pages which we stop services for a period of time. Different editing methods are  FTP, CPanel , CMS.

Crawl Status – In this we can see the google bots activities like pages crawled per day, kilobytes downloaded per day, time spent for downloading.

Fetch as Google – In this we are fetching our URL  for crawling and submitted to index.

Robots.txt Tester – In this we can restrict the google bots from crawling the certain pages.

Sitemaps – In static page only we can generate the sitemaps.We already know he site map is in xml file, google has more capacity to read xml file. If there is more page for crawling the google can crawl more quickly in presence of the sitemaps. The maximum URLS for one sitemap is 50,000. If more than 50,000 URLs we can arrange them in a different category. There is option for downloading our site map like,
•    xml.file
•    zip file
•    html file
•    ror.xml
xml sitemap extension is more friendly to google. Html extension file is user friendly. We can add feed burner through ror.xml. We can test our sitemap whether it is valid or not.

URL parameter – In Google webmasters tool there are different ways to perform url parameters. For example, in word press we are adding perma or permanent link to our domain like domain.com/permalink when we get traffic from other sites like twitter, face book etc there will be a additional lines. Example domain.com/permalink?utm_source=twitter  this is useful in analytics to know from where our site get traffic.

Security Issues

In this the  google webmaster tool will send message if any security issues or a malware are present for our site.

Other Resources

It  includes the tools that links outside to google webmaters tools, those who are interested more in google webmaters tools can test their implementations over there.
• Structured Data Testing Tool – Through this we can validate our structured data like rich snippet, authorship optimization etc.
•Structured Data Markup Helper – It helps you to test through markup Tester.
•Email Mark Up Tester – Testing  Structured data through email markup tester.
•Google My Business – Makes our business more visible in google
•Google Merchant Center –In this we can upload our product details and make available through google products.
•Page Speed Insight – Through this we can  make our page faster.
•Custom Search – Provide customized search for our website.
•Google Domains – Build domain names with google domains.
•Webmaster Academy – It brings you to create website with rich contents and helps to list in search results.


How to Prepare SEO Friendly Articles

Seo Friendly Articles Construction

seofriendlyarticlesSeo friendly articles writing can be done very easily. Are you much worried about Seo optimized articles for your website. You may be spending more time to prepare an article for publishing purpose. But after publishing if it does not listed in search results, the contents produced for the article may be not optimized for search engines. Here some tips are shared about preparing SEO Friendly Articles for your websites, blog publishing, press release submission etc.

Must fear the Google Algorithm Update

There can be many reasons for your article is not able to list in Google search results. Most of the time it may be connected with your website. Your website may not be optimized for search engines, or it may not have good Google page rank. For creating article seo friendly articles check if your website has good domain authority, page authority, trust value features. If not try to generate it.

If your website already good number of back links from different websites, you may get good google page rank, authority values and trust which can make your articles seo friendly articles. But the point links to your website should be supplied from some quality websites. Quality websites means websites with good trust value, page ranks, good number of organic traffic etc. And there can be harmful effects for your website you got plenty of pointing links from very low quality websites.

google penguinGoogle penguin algorithm update can find and understand that you have build back links from low quality websites, your website and punish for link spamming activities. Even I have used fear Google algorithm update as this paragraph subheading, there is no need to fear Google’s algorithm updates. Just understand why Google update algorithm. Since their main intention is to give high quality results in their websites, maintaining a high quality website is very important for getting search engine ranking.If this is implemented it can make your article  seo friendly articles.

Fear Google Panda Update


Google uses their algorithm updates named panda to avoid low quality content publishing websites and blogs. Google panda is able to find low quality contents, copied contents from other published websites etc. And Google panda is currently working as a permanent filter which will avoid low quality content crawled by Google bots.

Tips for SEO Friendly Article Writing

Follow these simple tips before your start writing SEO articles for your websites and blogs. Don’t under estimate Google. Understand what are the main intentions behind Google’s algorithm updates. They have already mentioned in their webmaster central blog and webmaster tools videos that the wish to list high quality results for their search engine users. So try to maintain google quality in contents used in websites, blog articles. Prepared your SEO content in a manner that your users will definitely love it. Arrange the SEO contents in manner to easily read, follow and understand. Try to cover following tips connected with preparation of any seo article which make it seo friendly article.

Conduct Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research is an unavoidable part in SEO. Conducting effective keyword research and finalizing most potential keywords can help your published article list in different keyword matching, possible to list long tail keywords etc. While conducting keyword research don’t focus on a single keyword of key phrase. Try to find out related keywords suggested keywords from Google and most useful convertible keywords which tends to make seo friendly articles.

Research on Specific Topics

Before start writing a SEO optimized article, conduct a detailed research and grab maximum knowledge on the topic. Cover maximum depth to develop useful article content needed for users. Try to add maximum stuff inside your article content. Your article will get a continuous life if your content is made in lovable and acceptable way and it will come among seo friendly articles.

Usage of Keyword in Article Content

Your article can not be listed in Google for any focusing keyword if do not used the focusing keywords inside the article body content. But over usage of focusing keyword in content can also bring negative marks.So use the focusing keyword in your article within a limit then you can make your articles seo friendly articles.

Understand the Purpose of Article

Understanding the purpose of article is very important in content writing. Know what message the article needs to convene. Content optimization is an art in SEO. Preparing seo friendly articles has its high role in content optimization. Well optimized contents are capable generate tons of visits if it contains values. The article you prepared may be published on an informational website or blog posts or news page, so the sentences need to be easy-to-read. If the article is able to engage more audience in the published pages, the published page will get more trust values.

An article prepared in a authoritative and conversational tone and if it contain actual, useful and factual information, it may generate more responses. Such articles are very useful for blog posting and article posting. While creating seo friendly articles try to avoid repeating ideas and subjects in sentences over and over. A better way to check your article is to read the draft loudly. If you can read 2 -3 times naturally your understand the problems connected to your writing. Some other requirements needed for a SEO friendly articles are:

1) The “keyword” provided should be used as the title AND the topic/theme of the article. Assume that the reader most likely found this article by typing in the “keyword” or a variation of it into the search engine, thus the content of the article should satisfy the readers query and answer the questions (directly or indirectly) that he/she might be thinking.
2) Do not optimize the article for any particular keyword and avoid using the exact title in the body. Write naturally for the readers, not the search engines!
3) The article must have a strong introduction paragraph. This first paragraph should be the most important paragraph in the entire article. First paragraph is the place where all the assertions pertaining to the topic are introduced. It plays an important role in making seo friendly articles. A reader should be able to determine what the article is going to cover just by reading this.
4) Article should have a proper conclusion paragraph that sums everything up.
5) The article needs to have at least 1 bulleted or numbered list.
6) The article must have at least 4 subtitles relevant to the content that follows.
7) The article must be written mostly in first and second person narrative (with an active voice and present tense). The tone/style should be personal/conversational in order to build trust with the readers. I should be able to pick up some of your personality from reading your writing. Be creative with the topic and input some of your own thoughts/ideas – don’t submit generic content that’s already plastered all over the web.
8) Make sure that the article is informative, fun/easy to read, and flows naturally. Avoid lengthy sentences, or multiple sentences, that can be summed up with a single, concise one.
9) Keep paragraphs short (maximum 2-3 sentences per paragraph). Separate your ideas. It’s much easier to read this way.
10) Do not submit to me a re-write of an article that already exists on the web. The article must be unique AND original (include your own thoughts, personality, and ideas, don’t just write like a robot). It will adversely affect in making seo friendly articles. If I recognize the article as a rewrite of an existing article that I’ve read before, I will not accept it and you will receive a bad rating for not following clear instructions.
11) Use at least 3 or more sources when doing your research and *list the sources* used at the bottom.It will help in constructing seo friendly articles.
12) Go through this checklist again and double check to make sure you’ve followed 1-11 correctly. I recommend writing the article as if you are speaking to someone. Because  this style will naturally interest and benefit the targeted readers. Please *double check* your article before submitting to make sure it’s unique and does not contain any grammar mistakes. I will not accept any article that is spun, contains grammar mistakes, lacks quality information, fails to follow *any* of the above guidelines, or is plagiarized/rewritten. If your articles are approved, but problems arise down the line, you will most likely be blocked from seeing any future projects. Failure to follow guidelines will result in wasted time for both of us. I look forward to reading your finished work. Thank You and Good Luck!


Bing Webmaster Verification In Blogger or a Site


Bing webmaster tools

Bing is a web search engine launched by Microsoft in June 1, 2009. Like Google Webmaster Tool Bing also have Bing Webmaster Tools. Bing Webmaster Tools provides free service for managing your site using Bing. For managing site using Bing or for Bing webmaster verification we should have a Microsoft account just go and signup. After creating account then we have to add our website or blogger to Bing webmaster tools.

Adding a Site:

Login to Bing Webmaster Tools
Add our website to Bing Webmaster Tools by entering the URL of our site and click the add button then adding our sitemap address.

Verify Ownership
In this step verifying the ownership means verify that you are the owner of the website. Mainly 3 kinds of methods to verify the ownership.
Option 1: XML file authentication
Option 2: Meta tag authentication
Option 3: Add a CNAME record to DNS


Here we use the 2nd option that means Meta tag authentication. Copy the displayed meta tag and go to our registered sites homepage then click tools and sub menu available tools then open a window and then paste the meta tag to appropriate Bing webmaster tool input box. Then click the verify button. If Bing Webmaster Tools verity our site then we can see the green check mark. Otherwise we can see a red check mark.

Adding a Blogger:

We can also add Blogger to Bing Webmaster Tools. Here also the same process of website.1st sign in our Microsoft account then entering the URL of our blogger and add site map also. Then verify the ownership by using any of the 3 options. Here we also copy the Meta tag and open our blogger and go to layout menu then we can see the HTML edit box .click that box and paste the Meta tag before closing head tag. Save that HTML section and click the verify button. After the verification we can see our site and blogger in the Bing dashboard.

                                                                                                                Neethu P K