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Top Paying Adsense Keywords 2016

Highest Paying Adsense Keywords

How to find high paying adsense keywords will be main research topic and much time spending activity for Google Adsense publishers. Because there are many adsense publishers who got increments in their earnings by selecting their topics on basis of high paying keywords.

Here are some top paying adsense keywords which are discovered by my research. Hope these keywords can help you if you are are Adsense publisher and wish to increase your adsense earnings. If you can research on the topic related to keywords which has high CPC (Cost Per Click) value, and if those keywords can have google number of search volume, the google adsense earning can be increased to better heights.

15 High Paying Adsense Keywords 2016

Here are 10 top paying adsense keywords 2016 listed for you if you are an adsense publisher. Enjoy publishing with goole keyword research and produce a best content suitable for the keywords. Optimize the content and publish. Conduct proper SEO so that you can get best search engine ranking for these keywords. And start monetizing your blog posts. Check the improvement in Google adsense earnings.

1) auto accident lawyer houston tx (522.36)
2) truck accident attorney houston (468.20)
3) car accident attorney sacramento (465.06)
4) personal injury attorney san bernardino (458.47)
5) car accident attorney georgia (454.28)
6) workforce management software call centers (444.91)
7) workforce management software call center (444.91)
8) auto accident attorney in los angeles (431.03)
9) mesothelioma claim (410.48)
10) drugs rehabilitation centres (405.39)
11) dallas truck accident lawyer (401.14)
12) u 3 (393.76)
13) private cloud solution (379.26)
14) accident law firms (376.58)
15) cloud infrastructure (369.75)

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Top IT Related Highest Paying Adsense Keywords

Hi here are some of IT related highest paying adsense keyword. These are the IT related keywords for which the advertisers are paying high CPC (Cost Per Click) value to Google. If you keep IT related niche in your blogs and adsense publishing websites, you can include these type topics and related articles to increase the earnings for your IT related articles and blog posts.

1) workforce management software call center (444.85)
2) private cloud solution (379.26)
3) cloud infrastructure (369.75)
4) cloudplatform (364)

Tip of the Day : Find high paying keywords which has less keyword difficulty and high search volume so that your blog / website can make you a millionaire quickly.