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Monthly ArchiveSeptember 2022

Effective Link-Building Strategies

What is Link Building?

Marketing and SEO professionals employ effective link building strategies to get other websites to link back to their own. Link building improves your search results. Any SEO strategy should include backlinks, but they are not a simple process that can be achieved by setting something up once and forgetting about it. Backlinks may expire, turn harmful, or simply lose some of their importance over time. Hence it is important to explore new ways to improve your search ranking in order to find new opportunities for backlinks.

Link building is still a powerful strategy for increasing brand recognition and Google search rankings. When creating a strategy, it’s essential to realize that link building takes time.

Effective Link-Building Strategies

Link Building
  • Competitors backlinks

You can be sure that competitor backlinks will have high-quality backlinks for SEO because they are virtually always on websites related to your niche. This will improve your link profile and raise your level of visibility in general.

  • Broken link-building tactics

Finding backlinks to 404 pages on other websites, contacting those websites, and requesting to replace the 404 links with one pointing to a related page on your website is the practice of “broken link building.” On a website, look for a relevant broken link. Replace the broken resource with a functioning one and request that concerned authority to link to your functioning resource instead.

  • Participate in social media.

By being engaged on social media, you may improve engagement very quickly. As a result, more visitors will be exposed to your website and brand, increasing the likelihood that they will share your best articles with their target audience. Your link profile will be improved, and your total visibility will rise.

  • Guest blogging

Guest writing will increase your credibility and expose your brand to new audiences, but it’s also a terrific SEO tactic if you can integrate a link to your website into the text. Despite specifically stating it, the majority of websites accept guest posts.

  • Make connections with the same industry experts.

Participating with others in your industry, whether through networking, events, or social media, can help expose your website and content to more people who may link back to you.

  • Use of infographics

Simply posting content to relevant locations, such as infographic directories and video-sharing websites, will help you build some links. Infographics consistently increase organic traffic to your site and generate high-quality links.

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Instagram Family Center launches in India with Parental Supervision Tools

Instagram supervision tools for parents

Instagram has launched Parental Supervision Tools and a Family Center in India to assist parents in monitoring their children’s online activities. The tools introduced in this feature will assist parents in becoming more involved and supervising their teen’s behaviour on the app.

This launch comes at a time when there is growing global concern about the negative effects of social media on the minds of today’s youth. Meta has been working closely with experts, parents, guardians, and young people from India to better understand their needs. One of the most pressing needs remains the availability of tools and resources develop an understanding to parents about digital services.

This helps them to assist their teens in managing their online experiences. The newly released tools were first introduced to the US market in March of this year.

Instagram now offers new supervision tools.

Instagram Supervision Tools are now available in India, allowing parents and guardians to:

  • Monitor how much time young people spend on Instagram 

Establish screen time limits and schedule breaks for young people to manage their time on Instagram

  • View who their young people follow and who follows them 

Keeps you informed about who your young person connects with on Instagram

  • Get notified when their young people report someone 

If your young people make a report on Instagram, they can notify you so you can discuss what happened.

Parents and Guardians’ Education Hub

Parents and guardians can also access resources from experts via Family Center, an education hub. The topics will include how to talk to young people about social media. There will also video tutorials on how to use the new Supervision Tools.

“Meta has been working closely with experts, parents, guardians, and young people from India to understand their needs.” “One of the most pressing needs remains the availability of tools and resources to educate parents about digital services,” Instagram stated in a press release. In addition, the company will collaborate with Kidsstoppress.com to engage parents and raise awareness of the tools.

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