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How To Add Location Extensions In Adwords?

Adwords is a powerful tool provided by Google to market our products and services easily. In the recent time, Google starts to update their various products with new advancements. Here we are sharing some important information related to How To Add Location Extensions In Adwords.

What is Location Extensions in Adwords?

Location Extensions in Adwords

The location extensions used in Google Adwords help the businesses to include their location along with their Google Ads. Today we will help you to understand the need for location extensions and the best ways to use them.

Why Location Extensions Important In Google Adwords?

The location extensions in Adwords help you to get in touch with your potential customers locally. The SERP rankings according to the local search traffic will give you the benefits. Most of the people who are searching the internet using Google for a particular product or service or a business can easily locate you. And the Google AdWords with location extension will have a clickable phone number which will be seen on the mobile devices. So the location extensions in Adwords will attract the local customers easily.

How To Add Google Adwords Location Extensions?

Adding location extensions to Google ads is really easy. We need to create it at the campaign level. We can add the location using the Google places account or by creating a new list. If you are syncing the Google places account then it will contain all the information about your business.

After adding the location extensions you will get the data about specific extensions. You can use various map icons and business images for your location extensions. If you are using clickable elements for your location extensions and it must match your branding and landing page experiences.

Your campaign settings will help you to identify the potential customers easily. Here the reports will also help you to test various favicons and business images according to the campaign.

The need of Google Adwords Location Extensions

In the updated Google Adwords platform we can see various campaign types. If your ad has a chance to shown in local search queries, then the use of location extensions will help you to reach more customers. This will support your local online marketing efforts.

We can check how each campaign can do better by using location extensions.

AdWords Location Extensions & Mobile Campaigns

adwords Mobile Campaigns

The mobile campaigns will have a click to call action, which helps the potential customer to connect you with an ease. In this way, most of the companies got a good return on investment. The mobile campaigns are providing good results when we compare with desktop ads.

AdWords Location Extensions & Content Network Campaigns

The content network ads can show location extension information which can be monitored easily with the help of reports.

AdWords Location Extensions & Campaigns For Multiple Addresses

If you are planning to advertise for a chain of stores then you need to map the campaign strategy. So here you need to identify the local traffic and the returns that you wish to get back. The priority here will be given to ROI, geography, the budget for AdWords etc.

In each campaign, you can add up to 4 locations. And if you are adding 4 different locations then you should take care of each location that must match all the keyword targets set up in the campaign. If you are adding 4 locations then you should also describe the offers or products in your ad copy as well as keyword lists which helps Google to serve the Ads to a relevant location easily.

Here each place has its own specialty and the product set or service you provide for them may differ in some cases. For an example, if you are focusing on a remote area, then the high price tags may not work. And if you are focusing on any cities then they may accept some high price tags. So preparing campaigns will also need to do a little homework regarding the geographical location and the people’s mindset which will help you to get better results. You could also activate the messaging section in which you can respond to each query easily. This will improve the return on investment that you expect from Google Adwords.

If you are enabling location extensions in a large and complicated campaign setting, then you should take an extra care and work volume. But most of the cases the local search volume always give better results for your work. That’s why enabling Google Adwords location extension is the best way to tackle the local search.

How to Write for Best Selling Blog

Learn to write the Best-Selling Blog

With internet booming and becoming a mass revolution worldwide each and every individual is trying hand in hosting blogs with the hope that it would revolutionize their existence and ideas. best Selling Blog Success would be at their doorsteps. But truth is that not every Tom Dick and Harry becomes successful in attracting viewers by a becoming a successful online blogger in the fast growing world of WWW (World Wide Web).

Here are mentioned some crucial strategies that you need to keep I mind and stringently follow if you wish to amplify your viewer coverage and increase online traffic:

Use social media to your best selling blog advantage Social Media - Best selling Blog

Merely writing a”text-align: justify;”>Keep writing-

Constant and continuous writing is one important thing that promises to establish you as a popular blogger. Keep on delivering fresh content to keep audience glued to your site. It is a proven and well accepted fact that the more you write, the more your readers will look forward for reading. Select your favorite domain or category and keep writing and updating your blog because people tend to lose interest in randomly written articles on varied topics. It becomes boring and uninteresting. Selecting your category is very important. It can be politics, sports, fashion, business, health and wellness, etc. You can choose your favorite category for best Selling Blog . Once you select your interested zone, stick to it and keep posting new articles. This way the readers will find something new every day and will be anxiously waiting for it.

blog is not sufficient today. What is needed in present fast pace world is that you should find out newer and effective ways of attracting online traffic to your blogs. Drawing maximum attention from your readers should be your target.  You should be in a position to serve their increasing interest and be able to keep them glued to your blog.  Whenever you strike hit button for releasing your content to the viewers, make sure to attract social media’s attention to your write ups.

You can take help of Facebook or Twitter and post an attractive and interesting description of around 150 words about the write-up and leave your readers waiting eagerly to read more. You can even take help form Linkedin and spread posts widely across various social media platforms and get more traffic on your blog. Do not miss to add sharing button to your write-ups because if readers find it interesting, they will surely share with their friends and on other social platforms.  The main objective is to share more in order to draw more and more traffic to your posted blogs and increase online traffic!

Make it visually appealing-

The next important thing is to make your content appealing and interesting. Chunks of long boring content serve no purpose and are boring for readers. The readers avoid reading lengthy uninteresting articles, so simply refrain from such blogs. Write catchy interesting blogs that are effective in keeping readers glued to your online bogs. Add some colorful images and catchy phrases to mitigate monotony and add a touch of color and relief. Be innovative! You can add bar-charts or pie- charts to make the write up interesting and appealing. The final point is to make the content as attractive and interesting as possible! You should work on ways of increasing the visual appeal.

Throw it open-

The blog can either be a monologue or a dialogue. In the second case the platform is open for others to put forward their point of view on a given topic. Monologue becomes often boring as it represents the writer’s views and ideas only and has short life span. Contrary to this the open platform is more engrossing and people find it more interesting as general views are displayed. It is more engaging and reader-involving. You and even select some important and relevant people from your readers and can ask them for writing guest blogs in support of your blogs. This will add credibility and reliability to your write-ups. So, for make your writing platforms open for others too!

Getting a band of reliable and trustworthy blog readers is not easy and requires stringent planning and constant writing. But the beauty is that once you become successful in making a good army of readers, you can become a successful blogger. So, without delay, choose your zone, begin writing and start connecting with people and hit the jackpot!