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DigitalHealthcare Marketing Trends Follow to in 2018

Digital Healthcare

Healthcare industry is evolving day by day and is also making a huge fame in the market. It is challenging for the people to stay on par with the changes in healthcare industry and online advertising. It has seen latest industry insights from trusted sources to emphasize the tools. The trends that will give a new definition to the healthcare industry. These trends will talk about various ways to promote the healthcare industry. Moreover, how digital healthcare marketing is giving a great experience. It will reducing the hassles experienced by the people.

Moreover, this covers how digital healthcare marketing is helping pharmaceutical and medical professionals to stabilize the health of companies. They enforce the predictions into practices, digital healthcare marketing is helping healthcare industry to turn the opportunities into strategies and business. Here are a few healthcare trends that you need to take a look over to  how these trends of changing the phase of healthcare business.

Content is the heart

As per the research conducted by GSW worldwide, it was found that over 1/3rd of customers will look into web for answers to their health queries. So a huge number of customers are waiting for the valuable information. It will be uploaded on the web on health products and brands. Many people ignore to look over the online ads on healthcare industry. The companies are creating interesting content to grab the attention of audience to click on the ads.

Few of the brands that have gained a huge name in the market have gained many customers to their business by creating compelling content. It giving advices on health by experts and share the experiences of patients who have taken the treatment in clinics. They are allowing the patients to connect with other patients who are suffering from the same disease in an online community. The main motto of crafting content is to answer the queries of the patients and follow in their personal journey.

Mobile meets the needs of patients

Mobile technology is creating waves in the healthcare industry by letting the people to take their health into their hands. But as per the survey conducted by American Marketing Association, it was found that many people are using mobile. They track their fitness levels, check the heart rate from time to time, check weight and other signs. If they notice anything abnormal changes in the body they get treated immediately. However, it is crucial for every healthcare industry to come up with more mobile applications to engage with the customers. It gain their trust and improve the momentum of their business. Undeniably, mobile will become a common platform for the patient and healthcare provides down the line.

In fact, these mobile devices are helping doctors to receive the reports of patients through application. They diagnose health issues and recommend the right treatment for their symptoms. Doctors can offer referrals to the best doctors who can treat the disease with which the patient is suffering. They put the patient into quick treatment to save their life. The patients are able to get the doctor advice at their fingertips.

Local ads with reach the target audience in the locality

Mobile is the best way for the patients to search for the close by medical stores or hospitals. The healthcare marketers can target the ads based on location to get more patients to their clinics from the locality. This mobile technology is letting the marketers to target their content to the potential audience in the locality. They send the offers directly to their mobile phones. The researched conducted by GSW Worldwide found that around 62% of people will share the information about local deals with the friends. The 57% of people will click on local ads. From this, it is evident that most of the customers are looking the local ads. They considered to be the valuable marketing tactic for the healthcare industry.

Operate advertising spots on the spot

Earlier, marketers used to take a lot of time to create a single ad. But in the era of instant advertising the ads are unprepared. The spur ads are gaining huge prominence with the progressing of social media. Moreover, the spur ads have become a huge success for the businesses. The brads are creating live events and are gaining the live responses of the potential audience. This is giving an opportunity for the businesses to connect with the customer and grab the opportunities immediately. These quick responses are given by the customers, they shared and retweeted in record numbers.

This is helping the brand to strengthen their image in market while saving big amount that they spend on media. You can easily create instant ads. All you need to do is to post interesting and concise content to touch the pulse of the audience. You need to have a talented marketing team who can craft the ads spontaneously.

Social media let you reach wider audience

Social media and digital healthcare marketing go hand in hand. Because both these totally focus on personal matters. The customers are giving their voice on social media Platform. They are using this platform to share their feedback on the healthcare products and brands. As per the report given by EconomicVoice.com, brands are using the social media platform to connect with customers. They engage them on their account for longer period. They posting compelling content about their products and are creating buzz about the brands. The main aim of interacting with the patients on social media is to gain the trust of patients. They drive them towards their brand. Social media is bridging a personal connection between brand and customers. Undoubtedly, social media is standing top of the digital healthcare marketing trend.

Online reviews about physicians will improve trust about the business

Customers believe in the online reviews posted by the customers who have already undergone treatment near a physician or a specialist. Moreover, leaving online reviews have increased to 68% from the year 2013 to 2014.  The study as per conducted by SearchEngineLand.com and posted on MedNet.com. A new survey that is conducted by Software Advice and posted on FiercePracticeManagement.com. It found that over 44% of patients is willing to take appointment of the doctors having good online reviews. This clearly indicates that online reviews are having greater impact on gaining new patients. This would increase in the coming years.

In addition to taking the referrals of their friends or acquaintances. They are also viewing the online reviews about a particular physician. These reviews will boost the fame and credibility of the physician. Moreover at the same time these reviews get high visibility on search engines. Thus letting the other prospective patients to step into your clinic. To get more online reviews, here are a few tips you need to follow.

• Create a business page on Google+ and present accurate information about your practice
• Validate the page and encourage your patients to leave reviews on that page
• Request your patients to post reviews through various channels, i.e. through emails, social media, direct email or word of mouth.

Test the marketing efforts to find out the pain points

Many brands are making use of in-market test because to strengthen their brand and reputation. But they identifying the loopholes and pushing their marketing efforts down the drain. But these people form focus groups to test various products and gather feedback from the customers. The companies who have taken the feedback of customers and improved products. It have seen rise in the conversation rates over the other companies and who results were stagnant. But in the coming years, the decision would shift from executives’ hands to customer hands.

Create videos to present compelling information

The best way to promote the healthcare products is through videos. These are engaging and imprints about your brand in the minds of the audience. Undeniably, the content that is posted by the brands will be lengthy and time-consuming to go through. So, the brands are cutting short the messages and putting them in online videos. They try to let the customers assimilate the concepts easily. With the increase in the usage of mobiles, the popularity of online videos is also on the rise.

The survey conducted by comScore data, it was found that progression of mobile technology. It has made around 60% of U.S digital media to spend their time on Smartphone and tablets. To make the digital content user-friendly and easy to read and digest. The marketers are promoting the content in the video format to the customers to watch them on move. In fact, many marketers are following the online video creation trend with the upliftment of mobile technology.

Though, healthcare industry keeps on changing, but the brands are also staying on par with the latest trends. With the above mentioned trends, the healthcare brands can create solid and powerful marketing strategies. They improve the financial health of their business in the years to come.


How to Write for Bestselling Blog

How to Write for Bestselling Blog

After the Internet boomed and went viral, every Tom, Dick, and Harry started hosting a blog, expecting a boost in their presence and thought leadership. To be very honest, however, not every one of them has been successful in driving traffic to their online avatars or position themselves as experts. In fact, to establish yourself as a social media guru with a solid following, it is important to take some tried and tested steps in to the World Wide Web. We bring you some proven strategies that will help you how to write for best-selling blog that will boost your website traffic and readership and help set up an impressive audience base.

Keep writing how to write for bestselling blog

Write for Bestselling Blog

The first step  how to write for bestselling blog to positioning your content is to keep creating more content. The more you write, the more the audiences will want to read. It is, however, important to focus on a particular domain or category – to ensure you can attract a set of people and keep them coming back to your blog. Randomly writing blogs across series of categories might end up making people lose interest. So, how to write for best-selling blog focus maybe on fashion, or politics, or sports, or your business area such as marketing, website design and so on, and stick to that. Write on a regular basis on your chosen domain and keep updating your blog, so as to ensure repeat audiences.

Use social media to your advantage

How to Write for Bestselling Blog can only do so much to position your content to audiences. It is important in this age of limited attention spans to ensure that it reaches your target base over and over again, across media, to ensure that they will not miss it. So, once you hit the publish button on your blogging platform, make sure to start using social media to attract more people to read your post how to write for best-selling blog. Take to twitter and make use of 140 characters; or post an interesting extract on Facebook and leave the audience wanting for more; then there’s LinkedIn if you’re a business blogger – make use of more than one social media and spread your posts across the day and/or week – that way you will be able to draw more people to your blog and drive traffic to your expertise! Importantly, make sure to add social sharing buttons on your blog page – if your content is interesting and relevant, more people will be tempted to share it; the more the shares the better the chances of driving more traffic.

How to Write for Bestselling Blog

Make it visually appealing

Long chunks of monotonous content often end up boring the audiences and they tend to move away to something that is more colorful and has images. To ensure that you can keep your audiences glued to your blog page, make sure to add interesting and relevant images to the post to reduce the monotony and bring in an element of color and relief. You could also boost your content by adding graphs and pie-charts, which could bring in the contrast to the content while also enhancing its importance.

Throw it open

A blog can either be a one-way monologue or can be treated as a platform to conduct a conversation. If it is the former, then you can rest assured that your blog will be short-lived. However, if you allow people to comment on your posts and ensure to engage in a conversation with your audiences, then you can surely establish your domain expertise and increase your blog traffic. You could also choose the most relevant people from among your regular audiences and ask them to write guest blogs for you – this will increase your credibility as an expert and also attract more people who want to get into the blogging game.

Gaining a trustworthy set of followers and blog audiences is a frustrating thing, but if you get it right, then you can hit jackpot with your blog. So, what are you waiting for? Start typing away on that keyboard and start connecting with people all over the world!

Best Social Media Strategies to Boost Online Sales

The major challenge that is faced by the people in the e-commerce store is gaining scores of traffic. You should know how to pull the attention of the target audience and how to stand out unique from the other rivals in the market is a cumbersome task for the online businesses. In this article, you will get best social media strategies to boost online sales. Out of these 12 strategies you need to pick the strategies that are suitable for your business. After using these strategies, you can see evident rise in the growing customers to your site.

Growth of e-commerce industry has made it tough for the innumerable e-commerce sites to garner the attention of the visitors to their site and make them their loyal customers to their business. Here we can see the best social media strategies to boost online sales.

12 Best Social Media Strategies to Boost Online Sales

1.Publish fresh content every day for boosting online sales

One of the best social media strategies to boost online sales is to keep the customers engaged and land on your site frequently is to post unique, informative content present in an intriguing way. A plethora of studies has found that the reaction of audience to the posting frequency differs. You need to research how frequently your competitors are coming up with an article or a blog post every week and you need to decide on the time and day in a week to post the content without giving a miss to let the customers land on your site to hog on the new content and learn about new products that are hitting the market and making the lives of people more easier. You need to share at least one post in Facebook and four to six tweets in your business Twitter account. You also need to keep a close watch on the timing you have more customers reading your post and ensure to post at the time every day. This helps your post to reach wider audience and helps to boost online sales.

There are two different tools that let you to post content automatically on the social media account include Swayy and Buffer. Swayy is an interesting tool that pulls out your industry related articles and schedule to post on different social media platforms. Buffer is a application that is easy to integrate with various applications and your browser to schedule the post on social media networks. With the help of these applications, you can save a lot of time on social marketing and focus on other marketing strategies to reap more traffic and sales.

2.Use pleasing and compelling images in the post that you publish on Facebook for boost up online sales

You can engage the customers on Facebook by adding compelling images in the post. Undeniably, images speak louder than text. Moreover, many studies have found that photos posted on Facebook generated around 50% of more likes compared to the post just with insipid content. When you are making any announcement or posting content, you need to include the link of your site and add pleasing image in the post. This is also one of the best social media strategies to boost online sales.

3.Add social media buttons on your website to improve exposure of your content

When a website visitor lands on your page and likes the content, then the social media button on the page motivates him/her to share the content with the friends in their account. This helps you to get more likes to your piece of content. This directly improves the impression rate. It is crucial for every business especially that is operating online to add social media buttons on the site to market their content and business. In fact, many blogs will have social media buttons to compel the readers to share the article on their social media page.

Few of the best places where you can place social media buttons on the website include
• Footer and header of your blog and website
• In Newsletters
• In email signature
• In a specific blog posts

4.Do a Launchrock Campaign for boosting online sales

LaunchRock is the free service that acquires the email addresses of various people who are excited to access the newly released apps in the market or service. The best part of this service is that, it integrates social media with the subscriptions to turn promotions into viral marketing channels that helps you gain a sea of traffic and sales to your business.best social media strategies to boost online sales-launchrock

This service is easy to use by any individual. You can create the account in this service for free of cost and personalize the widget and craft marketing content and then incorporate the personalized widget in the promotional page of the site. This service is used to promote new products and applications and get referrals. In addition, the businesses can use the social media feature in this service to make the campaign go viral in a few days.

You need to alert the website visitors and the people in your social community that to be a part of the promotion, they need to share their email addresses on the promotion page. Once the email address is entered, the Launchrock will show the related promotion beside which you can also see social media buttons.

To motivate the visitors to share your campaign with their friends, you need to offer them with attractive incentives. Example of few compelling statements that you can write include, “Improve the chances of winning summer concert tickets by inviting the people in your social media account to join the promotion”, or “Invite three friends to join the promotion and grab the chance of winning a bonus prize”. This improves the number of shares and reaches the wider audience across the globe.

With the help of this service, you can also pull the information of which email has brought you many referrals. You can send a thank you email to these influencers for helping you get more referrals for your product by promoting them. Ideally, sending a thank you email will give a tinge of personal touch to your promotion. This is one of the best social media strategies to boost online sales.

5.Use social media reviews to increase word-of-mouth advertisement

By using the product reviews, you can get insights about your products. Moreover, these reviews will act the decision making factors for the other prospective customers. The positive reviews help you improve sales to your business.
Yotpo is a social review app that you can find in Shopify app store. The specialty of this application is that, it converts around 8% of customers into reviewers. Once a purchase email is sent to the customers, they reply back with the reviews. This way, you can gain huge reviews for your product. The entire process is automated, hence you do not need to get in touch with the customers and request them to leave a review. Here is how it works;

Yotop application lets you to get connected to the Facebook and Twitter accounts and post the reviews that you have received to this application directly onto the official Twitter and Facebook page to gain the trust of the other customers who are planning to buy your product or avail your service. These reviews will motivate the audience to learn about your products and services, thus improving traffic and sales. Few of the stores that are taking advantage of social media reviews include RockinWellness and KollectionK.

6.Create bite-sized content

There is loads of information available on the internet and people are not having patience to sit and ready lengthy articles. The current trend of promoting content is to post bite-sized information which is easily assimilated by the audience. Moreover, it just takes a few minutes of their time to read this piece of information. This trend has to be embraced by the online stores to let their content digested by the audience with ease.

Two popular services that are used to host micro content are Soundcloud and the other is Vine. The former is a closed based service where you can find a slew of sound files while the later is a mobile application that lets you to create and share the video clips that last for just six seconds on your social media pages.

Few of the brands that are using these free mobile applications to post engaging video content are Urban Outfitters, Doritos and NASCAR.

7.Conduct Question and Answer session on Twitter

To keep your online community, engaged you need to conduct something interesting that grabs their eyes and retain their attention span for a longer duration. The best way to increase the number of followers in your Twitter account is to host Q & A sessions every week. You need to choose a day in the week and encourage your customers or people in the online community to come up with questions related to your business, products or services or anything pertained to your industry. You need to answer all those queries and take the best question to craft a blog post.
Slowly, you can increase the number of people taking part in the weekly Q & A session held in the online community. This helps you to strengthen your brand image. The thumb rule to stay alive on social is to engage and interact.

The other tip is to develop a hashtag for your Twitter Q & A session and then encourage your online community users to post this hashtag in their tweets. This boosts your brand reputation and makes your Q & A session very popular in the entire social media ecosystem.

8.Organize a Treasure Hunt in Pinterest

Best Social Media Strategies to Boost Online Sales-pinterest

Pinterest is the best and powerful social media network that is gaining huge popularity day by day and is used by the businesses to promote their products and services. The best way to make your brand name go gaga in the whole Pinterest network is to create a treasure hunt and then promote your brand through it.

In this treasure hunt, you need to ask each of your partners in the pinterest to pin an image on the Pinterest boards. Each image will give a cue to the succeeding image in the treasure hunt. You can keep this treasure hunt active by publishing a blog post and embed a link to the image. People who successful reaches the last image are directed to the hidden page where they need to enter credentials to participate in the raffle.

9.Make different titles of your blog posts and experiment

Title of the blog adds a lot of weight to the blog. People just by looking the title of the blog post will be motivated to read the entire content. Few of the tips you need to embrace to make your title compelling
• Use regular language
• Create urgency for the user and entice them to click on the blog link
• Keep the content in the blog short and crisp
• Tell Do’s and Don’ts

If the article is about lists and tips, then you need to clearly give the number of tips you are explaining.

10.Allow customers to share and Pin products

You need to add social media buttons on your ecommerce site to share the products you love on social media pages to improve innate social behavior. You need to include social media buttons of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and show them clearly on the page where the focal point of users goes.

Many people will choose the color of the button matching with the store theme, but this sometimes would be disadvantageous and reduce the number of shares. You need to choose the buttons that stand out unique from the entire theme of the site to boost the shares besides improving the traffic and sales. You can use AddThis service test the web page and find out the right place to position the social media buttons on the site that is giving you maximum shares.

11.Spend money on Inforgraphics for boosting online sales

Infographics is the visual representation of the content. Many companies are using Infographics to showcase their content in an interesting way. This is gaining huge popularity day by day. You need to invest a lot of money on designing the best Infographics that help you bring a sea of traffic to the website besides helping you get huge number of backlinks that are important to optimize your website. To design a top-notch Infographic, you would need to spend around 100 to 1500 dollars. Moreover, it is worth investing in them.

You need to do a thorough research on Google to find the intriguing topic in your industry and gather a few points and present these points on Infographic. You can create Infographic on “How much money is spent by every country during Christmas time”. This can be created by any online store. You can add a link in the infographic to your blog or article to gain huge traffic.

12.Create a compelling Complimentary Board on Pinterest

You can provide additional information to your customers on the auxiliary products that are not the bread and butter of your company. For instance, if you are selling hiking shoes and want to provide additional value to the customers, then you can show the similar products or complimentary products that the customers may be interested in buying by creating a complimentary board on Pinterest. The stores and sites of which you are promoting the product will start gaining traffic to their sites from Pinterest account and this drives those businesses to embrace the same strategy to gain huge incoming traffic to the stores.

You need to connect this Pinterest board to all social media marketing channels to pull scores of traffic and also your social media accounts, newsletters and blog posts to Pinterest boards to gain traffic.

Wrapping up

The above mentioned result oriented strategies are not used by many businesses due to lack of awareness. If you have read this article, you would have surely got an opportunity of getting to know the further strategies you can embrace to boost traffic and sales to your business. You can take advantage of the strategies that meets your business goals.

If you have started implementing these strategies for your online business, then share how these are helping you to build your online presence by leaving your stories in the comment section.