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How to Write for Bestselling Blog

How to Write for Bestselling Blog

How to Write for Bestselling Blog

After the Internet boomed and went viral, every Tom, Dick, and Harry started hosting a blog, expecting a boost in their presence and thought leadership. To be very honest, however, not every one of them has been successful in driving traffic to their online avatars or position themselves as experts. In fact, to establish yourself as a social media guru with a solid following, it is important to take some tried and tested steps in to the World Wide Web. We bring you some proven strategies that will help you how to write for best-selling blog that will boost your website traffic and readership and help set up an impressive audience base.

Keep writing how to write for bestselling blog

Write for Bestselling Blog

The first step  how to write for bestselling blog to positioning your content is to keep creating more content. The more you write, the more the audiences will want to read. It is, however, important to focus on a particular domain or category – to ensure you can attract a set of people and keep them coming back to your blog. Randomly writing blogs across series of categories might end up making people lose interest. So, how to write for best-selling blog focus maybe on fashion, or politics, or sports, or your business area such as marketing, website design and so on, and stick to that. Write on a regular basis on your chosen domain and keep updating your blog, so as to ensure repeat audiences.

Use social media to your advantage

How to Write for Bestselling Blog can only do so much to position your content to audiences. It is important in this age of limited attention spans to ensure that it reaches your target base over and over again, across media, to ensure that they will not miss it. So, once you hit the publish button on your blogging platform, make sure to start using social media to attract more people to read your post how to write for best-selling blog. Take to twitter and make use of 140 characters; or post an interesting extract on Facebook and leave the audience wanting for more; then there’s LinkedIn if you’re a business blogger – make use of more than one social media and spread your posts across the day and/or week – that way you will be able to draw more people to your blog and drive traffic to your expertise! Importantly, make sure to add social sharing buttons on your blog page – if your content is interesting and relevant, more people will be tempted to share it; the more the shares the better the chances of driving more traffic.

How to Write for Bestselling Blog

Make it visually appealing

Long chunks of monotonous content often end up boring the audiences and they tend to move away to something that is more colorful and has images. To ensure that you can keep your audiences glued to your blog page, make sure to add interesting and relevant images to the post to reduce the monotony and bring in an element of color and relief. You could also boost your content by adding graphs and pie-charts, which could bring in the contrast to the content while also enhancing its importance.

Throw it open

A blog can either be a one-way monologue or can be treated as a platform to conduct a conversation. If it is the former, then you can rest assured that your blog will be short-lived. However, if you allow people to comment on your posts and ensure to engage in a conversation with your audiences, then you can surely establish your domain expertise and increase your blog traffic. You could also choose the most relevant people from among your regular audiences and ask them to write guest blogs for you – this will increase your credibility as an expert and also attract more people who want to get into the blogging game.

Gaining a trustworthy set of followers and blog audiences is a frustrating thing, but if you get it right, then you can hit jackpot with your blog. So, what are you waiting for? Start typing away on that keyboard and start connecting with people all over the world!


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