Panda Algorithm Update became a very serious modification made in the Google search engine algorithm. According to experienced SEO experts, it works like a virtual filter in Google search indexing program and restrict content which are scraped from other published pages. The Panda filter mainly aims duplicate or copied content from other published websites.

According to Google search quality maintenance team & web spam team of Google, Panda algorithm update is a permanent filter attached to main algorithm. Panda is a upgradable filter version by version modifying to improve the quality of search results coming in Google. Since Google gives more importance for the provision of quality search research results to its users, it is widely noticed by most of the top companies and business owners in the world.

Secondly, the installation of Panda Algorithm and its version updates were welcomed by huge number of online marketers and responsible search engine optimization professionals. The sudden hike in number of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaints remains as its acceptance and proof. The number of DMCA complaints are hiking very quickly. That means companies are seriously changing their marketing attitudes using low quality and copied duplicate contents.

Google engineers try to modify the search engine to work in an intelligent manner. They monitor the nature of search, the trends in searching terms, way of user’s interactions to different search terms.

In the initial version of Google panda, there were lot of confusion among the well experienced SEO marketers. But in the latest versions such as Panda 4 was greatly welcomed by quality SEO marketers and content marketers who use most ethical ways in SEO & content marketing.

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