Google, the mostly used search engine changes its search engine algorithm regularly to ensure that the search results showing in their search engine keeps its quality assurance to its users.

Do you wish to listen the voice blog about first algorithm update of Google – Florida Update

Most of the times the modifications will be removing some percentage of data from their search index data base. The web spam team or the quality maintenance engineers of Google call it as simple changes. These kind of simple modifications in value metric data help search indexing mechanism to avoid certain amount of low quality pages and URLs.

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Many expert researchers have already published may articles stating the importance of various types of Google updates. Large amount of white hat SEO practitioners are happy with Google Search Engine Algorithm updates which help to remove website pages and URLs listed in Google search results using spam activities for manipulating a position in SERP.

Google authorities have mentioned many statements about difference of minor Google Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates and major Algorithm changes. But both of aims avoiding web pages which acquired search engine listing positions using unauthorized practices like link spamming, content spamming, automation etc. But minor changes mainly affects huge percentage of data from total data indexed. Major updates which are commonly mentioned as regular practices by Googlers romove very low quantity of data from the indexing system.

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