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Monthly ArchiveMay 2014

SEO Future 2014 – 2015 safe with logical research and white hat practices

Google Panda

Are you a online marketer or SEO professional worried about the future of SEO. Here are some useful thoughts related to SEO future 2014-2015.

The SEO climate being too dark for users who spam content publishing techniques and cheap level automated tricks, who always try to manipulate a position in SERP.

The rolling out of Panda 4 being the huge obstacle for content spammers. The filter works successfully to isolate the URLs with duplicate, copied, plagiarized and low quality contents.

Case studies made by industrial experts have confirmed that Google Panda Update works like a strong filter permanently installed with Google search engine Algorithm.

It is highly interesting to discuss and write on controversial thoughts like existence of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Future is unpredictable, especially on SEO. The years 2013 and 2012 remains unexpected and unbelievable year in SEO world.

It is very easy to say that SEO or search engine optimization will remain in the world until the search engines remain.

Only white hat practices based on quality content, quality back links will help you in SEO web traffic and useful guidelines connected with SEO future 2014.

What I learned from SEO posts published by other industry leaders

Spend more time on research activities, data digging, competition analysis, keyword analysis, content optimization etc.

Reduce link building, spam indexing, keyword stuffing, spam comment posting etc.

Reducing link building does not mean to stop link building activities. But it need to identify on topic areas, on topic websites, on topic URLs. It should be on topic, relevant, powerful, useful to others, quality link worthy.

1) Identify powerful URLs belongs to high domain authority page ranked websites.

a) Identify right websites

b) Check page rank

c) Analyze organic traffic, traffic ranking, keywords etc

d) Check page authority, domain authority, social authority etc

e) Check Google visibility & back links

Here are some useful tips identified for SEO professional who use content as their main weapon in SEO.

Title optimization by usage of Keywords in a descriptive way.

Usage of Meta description tag in an attractive form aiming more CTR

Usage of Long tailed keywords in starting para ( It will bring 99% success if the sentence can start with expecting long tail keyword itself)

Regular updation for content with unique and user friendly stuff with optimization aiming users or visitors

Usage of inner links for periodical stimulation for regular crawl cache and indexing improvements.

Utilization of Social media profiles, activities which generate genuine traffic, interaction and responses.

Image Courtesy : Search Engine Land

Rajinikanth entered into tweeting world with a world record in twitter followers

One more record to the profile book of ever shine super star of Indian cinema. Super star Rajini Kanth own a new world record in highest number of twitter followers in shortest time.

More than 100 thousand twitter followers within 5 hours. It is seen as ever made world records in the history of twitter and social media world. Rajini Kanth has made a single tweet after creating a colorful visually optimized twitter profile. His profile background image with his upcoming movie image of Kochadaiiyyan – The Legend. With in a short time span of 4 hours Rajanikanth got more than 1 lakh followers. His first and ever made tween in his first day in twitter achieved more than five thousand re tweets and more 4,500 favorites with in first 4 hours.

Twitter users enjoys with welcoming message to Superstar Rajinikanth. Anybody can find and follow him @superstarrajini  The entry and achievement of his record in getting number of twitter followers with in short time period become a festival mood among social media marketers and twitter users.

His First tweet is embedded here. It got more than Fourteen thousand re-tweet and about 20 thousand favorites.