Factors Awarding Google Page Rank

Google page rank is awarded to websites and web pages from Google after analysis about 200 signals related to response related to the page. The main signals are related to the user side activities in the page. That means the overall signal achievement of a page will definitely related quality factors of web page like content quality, better grammar, spelling etc. But the prior importance must be given to improve the factors enables easy crawling of web pages. Google will award better page rank for reputable pages after analysis and evaluation of quality. If a language of a page figured using language tags, that page must include the specified language. For example if you have mentioned the language used in page is US- English using a language meta tag, and you have used some paragraph or in some sentences in Spanish or any other languages, is not adequate of getting a better signal related to your language quality and you will be awarded with better page rank due to the mistakes found in the page as spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes. If you wish to understand more you can listen from Google web spam head, Matt Cutts say the relation of Google page rank and its signifying factors like page qualities like language, grammar and spelling in a video published in Google web master tools

The above mentioned factors are only related within page quality factors awarding google page rank, language, grammar, spelling etc. But there are many factors. When discussing about on the page factors, Title, Meta Description tag header tags etc plays most important. Basically nothing will happen if the page or website is not visible to Google. In my opinion, there will be billions of web pages remaining unknown to Google or any search engines as they are not been crawled yet.