SEO Bookmarking

Book marking is one of the important off page website promotion work practices with SEO optimization. Bookmarking enables good popularity of website among bookmarking sites. Bookmarking is a part of Social Media website promotion. It is easy way and quick form in popularize websites among internet users. Even Bookmarking is a simple and easiest practice in off page website promotion, there are many benefits in Bookmarking and sharing of a webpage. Most important fact is the web page or website will get a back link from the social media website in which it is book marked. If the back links getting by bookmarking is not in a non follow way, surely it will boost the search engine ranking and traffic ranking of a website. Most of the social media websites and sharing site will have good traffic ranking and google page rank. So the links you are getting from high ranked website and high PR ranked pages will definitely boost the search engine ranking of your websites.

Google plus one

If you add your web pages in google plus one or share with your google plus one connections and friends, your site pages will get back links from google. Google is ranked number 1 in alexa traffic ranking. Once your website pages book marked with google, and publish the book marks the it will give good results in the search engine ranking of your website. If your google plus profile has thousands of connections and many friends in your friends list, your website will get more audience and hits.

Facebook likes and Sharing

Your website will get more points when you get more facebook likes. If your website or web pages are shared with facebook, the back links developed and publicity gained will highly benefited in your website reputation building.

As part of Social Media Optimization in Search Engien Opitmization, if sharing and bookmarking buttons are added in each webpages, the users can share or bookmark your webpages easily. Such natural sharing and bookmarking from the user site will be highly beneficial to the website promotion.

Just see the interactive video from Google saying and agreeing that the Back Links from Social Networking websites will boost the SEO Ranking. The video published by Google Webmaster Help about the importance of back links from Face book and Twitter also pointing the difference of relevance in quantity and quality of back links.