Content Optimization

Content optimization is one of the most important parts in search engine optimization. Google search engine robots are keenly searching for every fresh contents uploaded in websites. Once a fresh content is posted in a web page, the bots will crawl the site page and identify the content. Once the identification of a particular content is done it will keep in a cache memory to provide to a visitor. The listing of a page in search results is directly connected with the content included in the website. Among the whole content of a webpage more attention will be given by the bots on words entered inside the heading tags and anchor texts (words provided with hyper links). If we think it as points or importance given on content, the words included in domain name will be the most significant because it is the primary identity card of a website. Secondary privilege will be achieved by the words included in URLs. In the yahoo, MSN or Bing search engine program, it is crystal clear that the words seated in domain names and urls achieve the full marks and it enables quick listing in prior position of search results. But in the case of Google, there are many criteria like keyword density, inclusion of relevance keywords in title tag, head tag, and anchor text etc. Descriptive content optimization is most appropriate as it will bring relatively good results. For example descriptive URL creation will surely give proper identity. If url included with PSC will get less relevance against the descriptive url defined as public-service-commission or public_service_commission for a query public service commission. So in content optimization, descriptive content without grammar mistakes and simple manner will be most helpful in SEO and for website visitors. Most common principles are highly used by search engine robots. In an article the heading or the title will be given as most appropriate words to describe about the content. In SEO content optimization also the words provided in title and heading will be the most powerful identities. If you have given or created the url as hot places of the world and your heading is given as how deserts and forms and if you are written about how deserts are formulated, your page will not be identified in any of the mater. The bots will be highly confused about your web page. So it is advisable to make the url, title and heading of a web page most appropriate with the content given in the body portion.

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