Search Engine Optimization Tips

There are some basic needs to be completed as part of website optimization process. First steps in the process will be started with inclusion of easy identification and crawling of your web pages. In case of identification there must be some fruitful efforts in finding, identifying and fixing of your domain name. If you can include your most demanded and important business keyword or its variants in your domain name, it can give you more marks or points in SEO. But 99 percentage of business owners will choose their brand name as their domain name. But I have worked for many websites which has most important keyword with their domain name. For example Econoloft, a UK based loft conversion company have included term loft in their domain name or company name. They became most successful loft conversion provider in UK as they came in first position of Google, Yahoo search results for their business keywords Loft conversions and Loft conversion. They succeed in their business by getting a smart web presence and popularity through search engines and in the internet. So the presence of keyword in domain names will give first priority in SEO. By simple logic we can understand and one must do good keyword research before choosing a domain name. Search Engine robots will read the domain name and they will see the website as its term given in its domain. The keyword research is very important if you want to bring the website in google search results. You can use Google keyword tool and find relevant keywords or synonyms, its demand, competition levels etc. Try hard to add a keyword in your domain name like your keword is abc, must try to get a domain name included with abc in your domain name. If the domain can be registered as will be the absolute choice of the keyword abc.

Keyword Research

It is real fact that very below percentage people can get domains with keywords. The very next positive chance it to make your url descriptive by inclusion of relevant keywords. For example you were not able to get the domain and your next choice is to include abc in urls associated with your website. If you are doing legal business, and you was not able to get the term legal with ur domain name, you need to put the term legal in sub page urls.,,

If you were able to register as your website, it will be identified by the robots as a website connected with keyword legal. You can also try to get variants of a particular keyword. For example will give 98 percentage power as legal.

Donít be desperate if do not get a domain name with legal or it any of variants. You can describe your title of website with your prime keywors.

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