Useful SEO Resources

If you have some computer skills and html knowledge, you can easily optimize your website pages. I am just hinting some useful and free SEO resources available in internet for best SEO Practices.

Before learning or entering into the world of website optimization you need accept the fact the best SEO practices will be carried like a voluntary service or practices in order to help the search engine robots to identify the data of your website and to easily crawl your web page contents. So according to me, the SEO tips or optimization ways cannot be said or mean as SEO Tricks in any way. In better words you need to prepare your web pages and website more customers friendly and in useful ways. By my previous experiences, I have noticed more business owners are too obstinate to make their website with high quality in looks as they are only considering their website as brand identification with quality. 99 percentage of the high quality websites are not SEO friendly. They don’t know 99 percentage of their possible business deals are losing due to lack of organic search engine visits. If those pages made in simply with quickly loading and error free methods, they can get golden chance of more visits, customers and increase in sales.

Free SEO Tools

The great resources I use which are free in internet are Google Web master tools, Google Analytics, Bing Web master tools etc. I am highly thankful to many websites providing simple tools for SERP position checking, validations, broken link fixing, html error checking Meta tag analyzing, xml site map tools, keyword density calculators, competitor’s analysis, keyword suggestion tools etc.

I really love the Google keyword tool when I do Keyword research for business websites. I regularly check the Google keyword tool for know the demand of a particular keyword or key phrase in a particular location and globally. It is very useful among the Free SEO resources for knowing competition for a particular keyword and related demanded key words which I use for preparing SEO content, preparing anchor tags and keyword align works during my content optimization.